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Blog posts of '2022' 'February'

Making the Move to Air Archery
While at the Safari Club International’s convention early this year myself and our other staff in the Umarex Airguns booth spent a lot of time talking about our air archery products. Of course the big Hammer .50 caliber PCP and the newly announced Primal 20 slug gun got their fair share of blabbing, but the items that gained the most interest from the attendees were our air archery guns. Why? Well the reasons are a few. The most common reason for interest we heard was how intriguing the AirSabers and AirJavelins are.
New for 2022! The AirJavelin HPA Adapter
Sharp-eyed Umarex Club readers noticed in our first February e-mail that we now have a PCP adapter device for the original AirJavelin. This is coming on the heels of our announcement that the AirJavelin Pro PCP was available. For those of you with the original CO2 version, you can now upgrade your AirJavelin to high-pressure air and gain some performance as well!
New For 2022! The Origin .25 Caliber PCP–Available NOW!
This year is a big year for us here at Umarex USA. Not only is it the Year of the Airgun Hunter, we are releasing more and more hunting quality air rifles. To that end, the extremely shootable, extremely popular Origin that was originally offered in .22 caliber has just been released for 2022 in the harder-hitting .25 caliber! Now read this correctly, this isn’t an announcement that the .25 caliber Origin will be available later this year. No, far from it. The .25 caliber Origin is available right now!
2022 is Going to be a FUN Year, Too
Over the last few weeks our seriously powerful hunting focused air guns have been getting plenty of attention, and rightly so. Afterall, we’ve declared 2022 to be the Year of the Airgun Hunter. But just because we are giving room to the new hard hitting air rifles that are in our catalog it doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the fun stuff. The truth is that we are always concerned with making life fun for you, our customers.