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New for 2022! The AirJavelin HPA Adapter

Umarex HPA Adapter on the Umarex AirJavelin

Sharp-eyed Umarex Club readers noticed in our first February e-mail that we now have a PCP adapter device for the original AirJavelin. This is coming on the heels of our announcement that the AirJavelin Pro PCP was available. For those of you with the original CO2 version, you can now upgrade your AirJavelin to high-pressure air and gain some performance as well!

What you probably already realize about CO2 is that there are a few downsides to it. CO2 only pressurizes at about 850 psi. This caps the performance of a particular airgun at whatever can be had at 850 psi. Another limiting factor is that CO2 discharges from an airgun’s valve at a very cold temperature. With this in mind, both the ambient temperature and rate of discharge can lead to the valve freezing closed. The best argument for using CO2 as a power source is that CO2 powerlets are sourced pre-filled and do not require a source of high-pressure air to fill. One can simply install the appropriate CO2 cartridge and begin using the air gun.

But an increasing number of airgunners are making the move to high-pressure air as a power source. It’s no big secret that PCP airguns are the hottest segment of the market right now. Shooters are embracing high-pressure air for numerous reasons but chief among them are accuracy and consistency. To say that high-pressure air is a luxury is an accurate statement. Once you have shot a PCP-style airgun you’ll wonder why you would ever shoot anything else. That is if you already have a way to fill the tank. The trend we are seeing is that those willing to transition to PCP rifles are also willing to invest in a way to fill them up.

How to Install the AirJavelin HPA Adapter

Umarex HPA AdapterBut let’s get back to the AirJavelin CO2 to PCP adapter. 88-gram CO2 cartridges use a thread style that is different from the common paintball or air rifle HPA tank like those used on the Umarex Gauntlet series air rifles. To install the adapter, the first thing that will need to be done is to remove the CO2 shroud/forend. Unfortunately, the forend cannot be used with a PCP tank installed on the AirJavelin. Next, align the device with threads of the CO2 port. With this done, simply take the knurled end of the adapter and begin threading it into the AirJavelin by turning it clockwise. Snug the screw down tight with your thumb and forefinger. Now that the device is secured, the high-pressure air tank can be installed. When installing the air tank there is no need to over-tighten the bottle. Just snug the bottle down and the pressure will keep the bottle sealed.

To get the full benefit of the HPA adapter, the hammer spring will need to be changed out. To do this, the stock will need to be removed from the AirJavelin. The two screws located on the rear of the receiver need to be removed in order to remove the stock. With the stock removed, two springs will be seen. Pull out the bottom-most spring and replace it with the spring that comes in the AirJavelin HPA adapter. Re-install the stock with the original hardware and the conversion is complete.

The adapter is rated for 1100 psi- a pressure safely within the range of the AirJavelin’s capabilities. This figure is 30% greater than the pressure possible by CO2–and there is also the advantage of a very consistent velocity for about the same number of shots that can be taken with a single 88-gram cartridge. At this higher regulated pressure, the arrows will launch at a higher velocity than the CO2-powered version, around 320 fps.

CO2 AirJavelin owners can pick up the HPA adapter here at and you can score a proper 1100 psi bottle from

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