Blog posts of '2021' 'December'

Top 10 Umarex Blogs for 2021!
2021 was a fast-moving year for us in ways and slow in others. It was just painful waiting for new inventory to come in. But on the other hand, it was really cool seeing our customers getting into shooting with all of the cool airguns and replicas we had available at the time. Well, it’s the end of the year and it is always a good time to look back to see what went well for the company during the previous year. This look back over the previous 12 months is going to chronicle our blog page! So without further ado, the top 10 blogs found on Umarex USA!
Merry Christmas From Umarex USA!
Hey, it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family! As much as things have changed over the last two years, thankfully some things have remained the same. At least for the time being. Yes, we still have holidays and the traditions associated with those holidays are more or less the same as they have always been. OK, yes, we’ve got plenty of conversation fodder around the events of the past two years, but getting together with the family, breaking bread with them, and opening presents are still approved activities.
Top Ten Best Sellers of 2021!
If anything can be said of 2021, it is that it was one strange year. In spite of the national and global circumstances, people were still spending money like it was being printed on a never-ending copy machine… Anyway, we are at the end of this year, hanging out and hanging onto the ledge of the unknown. My apologies to New Riders of the Purple Sage for stealing their lyric. While I do take poetic license on occasion, what is not exaggerated or plagiarized are the facts represented below. You, our customers, have spoken with your wallets on our products.
It’s a Modern Christmas Story: The Ruger NXG APX
Passing on the shooting tradition to the next generations is a goal that both Ruger and Umarex USA share. While the Ruger brand has historically been associated with firearms, Umarex has been producing licensed air guns in conjunction with Ruger for over a decade. One of the newer additions to our line-up of officially licensed Ruger airguns is the Ruger NXG APX pump pneumatic rifle kit. Yes, kit! That means everything you need to get started is included in the box.