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Top Ten Best Sellers of 2021!

If anything can be said of 2021, it is that it was one strange year. In spite of the national and global circumstances, people were still spending money like it was being printed on a never-ending copy machine… Anyway, we are at the end of this year, hanging out and hanging onto the ledge of the unknown. My apologies to New Riders of the Purple Sage for stealing their lyric. While I do take poetic license on occasion, what is not exaggerated or plagiarized are the facts represented below. You, our customers, have spoken with your wallets on our products.

So what were you airgun bums buying? Tune in for our Top Ten Best Sellers of 2021!

10. Umarex AirSaber PCP Air Archery Rifle

The AirSaber is one substantial, attention-getting air rifle– or rather air archery rifle– bow? What is this thing? Whatever it is, it must be living in your heads as you folks have reached into your wallets and pulled the trigger, so to speak, on this hard-hitting arrow flinger. The AirSaber is the perfect combination of accuracy, power, and convenience. AirSaber owners are shooting at the range, showing off the power of air, and hunting with it. Evidently, the testimonials are working as the AirSaber is still a huge hit among our customers nearly two years after it was introduced.

9. The Legends M712 Fully Automatic BB Pistol

You don’t get much different from an air archery device than a historic pistol replica, yet here we are. The Legends M712 BB pistol, based on the ultra-rare and highly collectible fully automatic variation of the C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser used in Germany a long, long time ago, is still a huge hit with our fans. Yes, still. This beautiful CO2-powered air pistol has been in our catalog for several years but has not waned in popularity one iota. With the fun switch in plant and blowback action, it’s not hard to imagine why this one is a hit.

8. The GLOCK 17 Gen4 .177 Blowback BB Pistol

OK, the elephant in the room has made itself known. The big “G” daddy, the licensed GLOCK 17 Gen4 full blowback BB pistol is making itself known in position number 8 on our list. Truthfully, we probably could have sold quite a few more of these had they been in stock. But allocations being what they are, we were glad to get the number of these that we did. The Gen 4 version of the GLOCK 17 is a really cool replica. Like most of our replicas, this one will fit in holsters and has a fairly decent trigger, not unlike the firearm’s trigger. Our customers have waited for years for the GLOCK name to appear in an officially licensed airgun form and the wait is over!

7. The Fusion 2 .177 Caliber Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Rifle

Yes, that is a mouthful. But a rifle that fits so many different classifications will naturally have such a descriptive title when mentioned in a top ten list. Yes, it is CO2-powered. Yes, it is bolt action, Yes, it is a repeater. The Fusion 2 has a lot of things that make it perfect for quiet, accurate backyard plinking or pest control. The auto-indexing rotary magazine holds 9 .177 caliber pellets. An easy-to-grab bolt handle gets the hammer cocked and a pellet pushed into place and your trigger finger releases a dose of CO2 gas behind the pellet when the trigger is pulled. You can’t argue that the Fusion 2 isn’t accurate, or easy to use. The Fusion 2 offers a lot of bang for the buck and is one of the best cures for an itchy trigger finger on the planet.

6. The Legends MP .177 Caliber BB SMG? Yes, SMG.

Striking twice in this list is our Legends Series! The first replica SMG (Submachine Gun) BB gun we introduced was the Legends MP, based on the German MP40 used in World War II. Equipped with an under-folding stock and a 50 BB magazine, this full-auto wonder is still a best seller some four years after it was first introduced. Who is this a hit with? It would be easier to ask “Who is this not a hit with?”. Gamers, history buffs, first-hand witnesses, gun collectors, prop houses, just about everyone is in love with the Legends MP. No, in case you are wondering, you don’t have to use the full auto mode all the time. It’s just more fun when you do.

5. The Legends M1A1 .177 Caliber BB SMG– Axis v. Allies!

If you aren’t seeing a trend here, let me help you. The Legends Series, while making up a small part of our catalog, is hugely popular with you, our fans. In the number 5 entry in our top ten list is the M1A1 SMG. More commonly called the “Chicago Typewriter” in some circles, while in other circles affectionately referred to as the “Tommy” gun, our M1A1 select-fire .177 BB gun is nothing if not pure fun. With the Legends MP, you can have both sides of the last global conflict represented in your collection. This full-auto BB gun is powered by 12g CO2 and holds 30 BBs in its drop-free stick magazine.

4. The Origin .22 Caliber PCP Kit

PCPs are the hottest thing going in pellet rifles right now. The trouble is that PCP’s have can be fairly expensive by themselves. And then that still leaves the issue of getting the high-pressure air tank filled. The simplest solution would add at least $150 dollars to the price of the PCP rifle. But what if a good rifle could be paired with a pump and bring the price of admission to PCP shooting down to sea level, so to speak? That’s exactly what the Origin did. The rifle itself is accurate and reliable, not to mention powerful. The Origin is a side-lever repeater that uses the same auto-indexing magazine as the Umarex Gauntlet. It also uses a unique pre-pressurized air tank that fills with a minimum of pumping. The Origin can be completely filled with about 150 strokes of the included hand pump. And with the whole kit and caboodle coming in for well less than $400, it’s hard to go wrong with the Origin kit!

3. The SA10 Blowback BB/Pellet Pistol

What is the SA10? Well, the SA10 is a member of a new group of air pistols. It is a blowback design, but it can also shoot pellets. For years this has been an engineering hurdle that wasn’t easy to solve. However it was able to be solved, we figured it out and the SA10 was born of that labor. The SA10 looks like a race gun- cutaway slide, threaded (14mm negative), and blinged-out barrel visible through the slide cuts. It looks flat-out amazing. But it’s also really fun to shoot. Any blowback pistol is a hoot but the SA10 is a blowback that can shoot pellets! This one just speaks to a lot of airgun fans and the reasons are not complicated– it’s a great air pistol.

2. The Humble XBG

Cheap thrills, don’t you know I like cheap thrills! The XBG is simple. The XBG is affordable. The XBG has been a bestseller since Methuselah was in knee-britches. Seriously, the XBG has a drop-free stick magazine and a non-blowback or standard action. And it just works. If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to get into airgunning, look no further than the XBG. One of the best things about the XBG is that spare magazines are sold in a two-pack. Want to start an air pistol league? Get with your buddies and pick up several XBGs, CO2, and BBs, and you are set for under $50 each!

1. The GLOCK 17 Gen3 Blowback .177 BB Pistol

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the number one spot belongs to the GLOCK 17 Gen3. My suspicion is that we were simply not allocated more of the Gen4 variety. Whatever the case may be, this GLOCK 17 in Gen 3 trim is an enormously popular .177 caliber air pistol. This model is blowback, but what is known as half-blowback. The Gen4 version is a full blowback air pistol. The major difference is in price- the Gen3 version does come in about $30 less than the Gen4 version. The Gen3 version will also carry a bit more velocity per shot than the Gen4. Whichever version you choose, you will have a blast with our licensed GLOCK replicas.

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