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It’s a Modern Christmas Story: The Ruger NXG APX

Passing on the shooting tradition to the next generations is a goal that both Ruger and Umarex USA share. While the Ruger brand has historically been associated with firearms, Umarex has been producing licensed air guns in conjunction with Ruger for over a decade. One of the newer additions to our line-up of officially licensed Ruger airguns is the Ruger NXG APX pump pneumatic rifle kit. Yes, kit! That means everything you need to get started is included in the box.

So what is in the box? Besides the .177 caliber pellet or BB shooting rifle, there is a pair of safety glasses (so you won’t put your eye out!), 100 BBs, 100 Ruger .177 pellets, 4X15 scope, and 5 paper targets. Everything you need to head out to the backyard or shooting range that day. And while the Ruger NXG APX is geared toward younger shooters, the rifle’s size is easily accommodated by even larger adults so that first shooting experience can truly be a family event!

The Ruger NXG APX does shoot either .177 caliber steel BBs or lead pellets at velocities up to 800 FPS with an alloy pellet. The rifle is equipped with a fixed fiber-optic front sight and a fully adjustable blade rear sight. Should you opt for optics, a 4X15 scope and rings are included in the box as well. Unlike other pump pneumatics on the market, the Ruger NXG APX has an automatic safety, easy pumping lever, and extremely ergonomically designed stock.

This Ruger is Ready To Wrap Up and Go!

So many gift ideas require additional gear in order to utilize right away. Under normal circumstances, airguns are typically in this category as well. In this kit form, the Ruger NXG APX offers you both the convenience of getting everything you need in one box and a great price with it all bundled together! That’s just one of the ways the Ruger NXG makes a great birthday or holiday gift. Another reason, not often discussed, is that pump pneumatic air rifles are very easy to shoot accurately. There’s virtually no recoil or vibration involved with pneumatic-style rifles, unlike spring or gas piston-style rifles.

Another advantage that solely belongs to pump pneumatics is that you can tune your shot via the number of pumps you use to fill the inboard tank. The pressure output tops off at 10 pumps, but shots can be taken with as little as 3 pumps. When you are just punching paper at a shorter distance, pumping 3 or 4 times per shot might just make a better fit for you. And with a full-power shot delivering velocities well over 600 FPS with standard lead pellets, the Ruger NXG is an excellent choice for quiet garden and yard pest elimination.

You can find the Ruger NXG APX Kit at many local Walmart retail locations as well as the retail website for a great price! With everything your shooter will need included in one box, all you will need to do is get out the wrapping paper and cover it up!

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