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Happy Halloween Christmas Shopping! Early Bird Christmas 2021 Shopping Guide
Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, someone has to do it. OK, this isn’t really bad news, per se, just news you are not expecting in October. The Christmas shopping season is still a turn of the calendar page away from its usual start. But this is a brave new world and nothing is happening as it usually does. As you might be aware there is a bit of a hold-up with shipping and transportation these days. This is simply a fact of life for the brave new world we’ve been thrust into. Here’s what we do know: We are expecting replenishment shipments of many items to come in from now until the very tail end of the Christmas shopping season. Yes, we do plan on offering some killer deals around the Black Friday--Cyber Monday time frame, but there are some items in the inventory right now that will not wait around for a month or more and they won’t be replenished before Christmas.
In Memorium: Howard Robinson Big Bore Airgun Hunting Advocate
Arkansas outdoorsman and outdoors advocate, Howard Robinson, has passed away. He slipped into eternity doing one of the things he loved so dearly, sitting in his tree stand waiting for a buck on the opening day of muzzleloading season. Of note for the airgun industry, Howard was absolutely crucial in bringing big bore airgunning advocates and Arkansas State Game & Fish officials together to legalize big bore airgun hunting here in the Natural State. We thought it appropriate to re-share this blog entry which chronicles this feat in Howard’s honor.
A First Look at the 1st GLOCK Paintball Pistol
Umarex has made a GLOCK 17 Gen 5 paintball gun, you have no idea how excited I am! Just to start off, the GLOCK 17 is the original GLOCK. The model 17 was named the 17 after GLOCK had 17 different patents made for the first pistol. It was not well received in the beginning, who wants a polymer gun? The answer now, EVERYONE. It is one of the most popular pistols and the GLOCK fan base continues to grow every day, me being one of them.
Looking Back, Looking Forward
Seasons come and go. You know this to be true just by virtue of living in a temperate zone on this earth, assuming, of course, that you are reading this from either North America or Europe... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and back around again. But the metaphor is not a perfect one, as in our lives we transition from one season to another never to return to the previous season. Having kids is a good example of this. They are babies, then toddlers, the school-aged… and so on. Once that season is done, the kids move on and we parents do too, into the next thing that is coming around the bend.
Thank You, from Elite Force
Playas, the Elite Force crew wants to thank you for being there for us. Sincerely, you are the reason we exist, and are very grateful for your support. Furthermore, know that we are working hard at getting the warehouse stocked back up-- it just seems like it’s taking forever. That’s one of the reasons this email is so important. When we get restocked we can let you know here, first. Share this email with your friends-- after you’ve picked up what you need! Thank you, again! Team EF.
October Surprise!
Hey Umarex Fans, we’ve got an October Surprise for you and we think you will love it. No, this is an off-year so we don’t have any political dirt to dump, but we do have a limited number of the nittiest and grittiest airgun magazine out there, Airgun Hobbyist’s October Issue. The surprise is that we are stuffing a copy of this issue in every order made from our website while supplies last.