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What’s the Dope on Scopes?  Part 2



In the first installment we looked at some of the various needs shooters have for optics. Now we will delve into some of the common features and characteristics found on shooting optics. Here we will look at reticles, how the scope is calibrated, and adjusted. 


Reticles, Angular Measurem...

The Dawn of New Airgun Technology
Once upon a time Waylon Jennings asked in song, “Don’t you think this outlaw bit’s done got out of hand?” The 70s were wild and (good) Country music was rebelling from the “countrypolitan” sounds that had taken over Nashville. The change was needed, although it wasn’t for everyone. Some people will insist on the same old pablum they’ve been consuming for years and years. But sometimes you have to break a few rules, a few windows, or a few hearts to make something really good happen. We think we have done just that with the Umarex Komplete™ Nitrogen Cartridge Rifle (NCR) pre-charged pneumatic air rifle system.
The Birth of the Komplete NitroAir System
For Stephen Lamboy, director of strategic development, the launch of the Umarex Komplete NCR and NitroAir® is the culmination of years of design work, testing and quite a bit of dealing with red tape.
Ft. Lbs and Joules and Bears, Oh My!

How do you like to measure power?  For me it depends on what you are talking about. If we are talking about lightbulbs, watts or watt equivalent will let me know how much light output to expect from that bulb. If it is an internal combustion engine, then horsepower and torque help tell the story for...

Are Spring and Gas Piston Air Rifles Inaccurate?

Spring and Gas Piston air rifles generate two distinct recoil impulses during a shot. The first one occurs before the pellet starts moving and the spring or gas ram has been released by the trigger. The piston assembly moves forward rapidly and compresses the air inside of the cylinder, creating the...

Umarex is Headed to Phoenix!
The desert is evidently where it’s at. At least it is in the spring of the year and you are in the Phoenix area. For real, there’s over two million people that live in the Phoenix/Tucson area. There must be some sort of draw to get so many people to huddle together in the middle of the desert (insert leaving California joke here). While I may not understand the subtleties and draw of desert southwest living, I do understand the draw of the outdoors, wherever you happen to hang your hat. An event like this is a wonderful opportunity for a manufacturer or retailer to talk to their customers. In an age where so much of our interactions are so distant and impersonal, a face-to-face event like this is a breath of fresh air and coincidentally, in the fresh air. What more can you ask for?
Umarex Unveils New Airguns at SHOT Show
Umarex USA is excited to announce the new Umarex Airguns debuting at SHOT Show 2024. The airgun making the biggest splash - literally - will be the new FishR. Based on the successful AirJavelin frame, the FishR utilizes saltwater grade components to open the door to bowfishing for airgunners. Umarex is also bringing several new PCP models in 2024. The new Zelos offers a multitude of customization options for airgunners interested in everything from benchrest shooting to plinking. The Iconix is a new, affordable way to introduce shooters to PCP airgunning. While the proven Gauntlet lineup of rifles get upgraded with features that were most requested by shooters such as a side lever. The all-new Synergis Elite is an underlever with a unique breech design that prevents double loading. The 10–shot RapidMag magazines cut down on the time per shot.
Umarex Loyalty Points Program Reminder
The new year is here and so are we. We hope all of you have had a great Holiday season and are prepared to embrace the next 10-12 weeks of bitter cold, snow, ice, and generally yuck weather until April and Spring rescue us. We thought this would be a great time to remind you of our Loyalty Points program that we launched late last summer. We’ve been seeing some of those points stack up in our customer’s accounts and that is encouraging.
The Most Bang for Your Buck!
There is no doubt about it, inflation has affected nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. You need to look no further than the ever escalating costs of housing, food, and transportation– I’ve heard that there’s been as much as a 30% increase in costs across the board for American families.Chances are you haven’t had a 30% increase in compensation during the same time. Things are different in ways but they are the same in others.
Umarex Launches Gauntlet Side Lever
While the Umarex Gauntlet lineup of PCP airguns has been popular with everyone from small-game hunters to benchrest competitors, airgun aficionados asked for upgrades. The most requested change was from a bolt action to a side-lever action