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5 Reasons Why You Need an Air Rifle in 2024

About 110,000,000 people have been born in the US in the last 25 years. I’ve heard that using statistics and figures is a good attention getting technique in public speaking and essay writing. However, I cannot correlate that sum with any pertinent fact in regard to airgunning. Now that I have your ...

What’s Stopping You?
This year almost sorta seems like things are getting back to normal– or at least inflation has slowed down a touch, a certain bug no longer has people paralyzed with fear, and travel restrictions are essentially gone. Yes, it’s not 2019 by any means, but it ain’t 2020 or 2021 either. With this being the case, people are getting out for some serious airgun hunting adventures and seeing the world, too.
"Pigman" Brian Quaca Teams with Umarex Airguns
Umarex Airguns is pleased to announce a new multimedia partnership with Brian “Pigman” Quaca. One of the most entertaining hunting show hosts, Pigman has developed a dedicated following via his long-running TV series and social media.