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What’s Stopping You?

What's Stopping You?This year almost sorta seems like things are getting back to normal– or at least inflation has slowed down a touch, a certain bug no longer has people paralyzed with fear, and travel restrictions are essentially gone. Yes, it’s not 2019 by any means, but it ain’t 2020 or 2021 either. With this being the case, people are getting out for some serious airgun hunting adventures and seeing the world, too.  

It is this year that Chris Cook took off to Africa for a chance to let the AirSaber do some talking. For the previous year, Chris had been preparing for this trip by tuning his arrows for optimal performance.  He added some weight to the front of the arrow and a precision machined head to create a tough, sharp cutting edge, along with low-profile spiraling crossbow fletchings. His arrow recipe resulted in a 500+ grain arrow that, in theory, could be used on dangerous game. 

So the burning question now is, “What did he do?”  

We won’t divulge the full story here, but we will say that, yes, he was successful with a major league safari– all harvested with the Umarex AirSaber.  

Seize the Carp! Or is it Carpe Diem?

What we will say, is something we know Chris would also say to any hunter who wants to do something really cool with an air rifle or air archery gun. Getting out to hunt, anywhere, well, It can be about getting something to eat, supporting conservation through tags and permits, herd management, or challenging yourself as a hunter, or even collecting a trophy. The point is to just get out and do it. 

Chris is a normal dude.  He’s just a guy with a job, and a hobby. He has the same bills, needs, and family stuff going on that we all do. The difference, and he will tell you this himself, is that he just puts his resources into his hobby.  Once the everyday stuff is accounted for, the mad money doesn’t get blown on fancy coffees, the latest tech, or a new car every two years.  

The point is, you too, can hunt Africa, or anywhere that you really want to hunt. You just have to make it a priority and set the goal.  Put it in your calendar, drop some money on deposits for your hunt, and apply for or purchase permits and licenses. Like the famous sneaker maker used to say, “Just do it.” 

Yes, you might have to give up that overpriced cup of coffee or put off buying another car for a few years. The point is, saving up for something like an African hunt is certainly possible and absolutely worth it. 

Stay Tuned For More

With that said, we look forward to seeing Chris’s story of his safari published soon, and when it is, we will gladly let you know where to find it. 

And folks, TODAY is the wild west of air gun hunting. There’s opportunity, there’s chances, and there’s records to be taken!.  That being said, hunting doesn’t have to be about trophies or world records. With airguns and big game, you have to be good, you have to be close, and you have to be up for a challenge. Are you up for the challenge?

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