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What’s the Dope on Scopes? Part 3
In this last installment of this series we will look at some hot features found on some optics these days such as Illumination, built in Range Finders, and main Tube Size. While this series has not been exhaustive in optics related information, we do hope it has helped shed some light on the field of shooting optics.
What’s the Dope on Scopes?  Part 2
In the first installment we looked at some of the various needs shooters have for optics. Now we will delve into some of the common features and characteristics found on shooting optics. Here we will look at reticles, how the scope is calibrated, and adjusted. If there has ever been a more contentious subject in rifle optics, I have not heard of it. Decades ago, there was Fine, Duplex, and Mil-Dot.
The Dawn of New Airgun Technology
Once upon a time Waylon Jennings asked in song, “Don’t you think this outlaw bit’s done got out of hand?” The 70s were wild and (good) Country music was rebelling from the “countrypolitan” sounds that had taken over Nashville. The change was needed, although it wasn’t for everyone. Some people will insist on the same old pablum they’ve been consuming for years and years. But sometimes you have to break a few rules, a few windows, or a few hearts to make something really good happen. We think we have done just that with the Umarex Komplete™ Nitrogen Cartridge Rifle (NCR) pre-charged pneumatic air rifle system.
The Birth of the Komplete NitroAir System
For Stephen Lamboy, director of strategic development, the launch of the Umarex Komplete NCR and NitroAir® is the culmination of years of design work, testing and quite a bit of dealing with red tape.
What’s the Dope on Scopes?  Part 1


It seems these days that if there is a crowded market in the outdoors space, it is the optical segment.  A consumer has never had the choice of some many different optics of such high quality for less money as there is today. 


This, obviously, was not the case in the not-so-distant past.  I...

What Does it Mean to Break In an Airgun?

When you are dealing with mechanical things it is nearly a universal truth that the item will need to be broken in for optimal performance. Brand new parts that are interacting with other brand new parts need to get to know one another, so to speak, before working their best together. 


This conc...

Don’t (Out) Miss with the Hammer Carbine

I know it is May. It’s May and we are in the neighborhood of 6 months away from deer season.  That being the case, and you being the kind of outdoorsman that like to get his gear in order well before you need it, it would be a nice time to let you know that the Hammer Carbine is here and it is all t...