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What’s the Dope on Scopes? Part 3
In this last installment of this series we will look at some hot features found on some optics these days such as Illumination, built in Range Finders, and main Tube Size. While this series has not been exhaustive in optics related information, we do hope it has helped shed some light on the field of shooting optics.
What’s the Dope on Scopes?  Part 2
In the first installment we looked at some of the various needs shooters have for optics. Now we will delve into some of the common features and characteristics found on shooting optics. Here we will look at reticles, how the scope is calibrated, and adjusted. If there has ever been a more contentious subject in rifle optics, I have not heard of it. Decades ago, there was Fine, Duplex, and Mil-Dot.
What’s the Dope on Scopes?  Part 1


It seems these days that if there is a crowded market in the outdoors space, it is the optical segment.  A consumer has never had the choice of some many different optics of such high quality for less money as there is today. 


This, obviously, was not the case in the not-so-distant past.  I...