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Smith & Wesson, One of Our Industry Partners
While the name UMAREX® is relatively new in the US market, we know you have heard of Smith & Wesson. What you also likely don’t know is that Smith & Wesson has had a long relationship with this family-owned German company. You see, inside the mystery of the name “Umarex” lies a tie to the storied Walther® brand. The very much abbreviated version of the story is that, due to the 1968 Handgun Control Act, the PPK® had to be made stateside or it couldn’t be sold in the US at all. At first, Interarms manufactured the PPK and PPK/S® for Walther, but as that business had some difficulties arise, Smith & Wesson stepped in to help the German manufacturer with distribution, manufacturing, and even developed some joint projects with Walther along the way.
Everyone Loves a Good Origin Story
The Umarex Origin is appropriately named. This line of airguns from Umarex USA has undoubtedly become the “Origin” story for a whole new wave of shooters who were gun-shy to try out PCP Airguns until their release. As of the release of this article, the Umarex Origin is available in both .22 and .25 calibers and three different configurations. This article will look at the original Origin and how it put PCP Airgunning within reach of thousands of new airgunners.