Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

Precision Airgun Shooting Is Like Fishing?
Doesn’t pulling the trigger create instant gratification? So, how is precision airgun shooting like fishing? They’re not alike at all if you’re thinking of a competitive bass fishing tournament. Those can get a bit stressful especially if you have a competitive streak in you
Ammo Drought, Part Deux
Here we are again. Staring at yet another ammo drought straight in the face. I was teaching school in 2008 when the first run on guns and ammo occurred. All of a sudden anything that went bang was in high demand. Seemingly overnight shelves and cases that held firearms and ammunition were laid bare. The locusts devoured everything in their path, leaving only a few scattered boxes of the most oddball rounds imaginable on the shelf.
Dropping Murder Hornets?
Shooting wasps and dirt daubers has long been a past time of rural sharp-shooters. A handful of BBs and a shady perch in the vicinity of an old barn can keep a person occupied for quite some time on a hot afternoon. And, given that there’s reportedly a new flying bandit on the loose in North America, now’s the perfect time to hone your sharpshooting skills lest the “murder hornet” set up shop in your shed.
Airsoft to the Rescue
Who in their wildest imagination thought my gun range in Tucson would be shut down for the last couple of months, plus possibly longer into the future, during the COVID-19 issue? I knew I needed trigger time before I head to multigun nationals later this summer so what are my options? Well, after leaving my Umarex Elite Force AR airsoft rifles sitting in the garage for the last two years it was time to blow off the dust and figure out how to set up a little course of fire.