Blog posts of '2023' 'September'

That First Crisp Morning


In the south, we have false seasons.  False Spring where we have a few warm days only to be followed by a couple weeks of bitter cold and lousy weather.  Then we have false Summer. This is where the mercury creeps up into the 90s, but the water is still in the 50-60s– too cold to swim, but hot ...

Are You Ready For a BIG Announcement!


How do you really thank your customers for being dedicated fans of your brand and your products? There’s several ways this can be done. Our social media team will publish user generated content when given permission to do so. We offer sales and discounts through our Umarex Club Newsletter, and we...

Umarex Preps for World Champion Squirrel Cook Off


Umarex Airguns is excited to participate in the World Champion Squirrel Cook Off on Sept. 23.

Held at the Ozark Highlands Nature Center in Springdale, Ark., the cook off is a celebration of the Ozarks and the humble squirrel. Forty teams from around the nation are expected to compete for the c...

The Little Air Rifle that Could!
Everyone loves an underdog story. If you don’t, I have no idea what it could be, but there’s something wrong with you. The little guy sticking his finger up in the face of a greater, more numerous and powerful force and winning should be the story that evokes heartwarming emotions and the desire to shake your own finger in the face of authority… or something like that.
Umarex Airguns Shakes up the Vendor Range at the Pyramyd Cup!

Team Umarex

(left to right) Mark Davis, Brad Webb, Eydin Hansen, Breanna Garvey, and Abby Casey

Ok, that is a bit of a sensational headline. To be fair, it was the generosity of Firebird Targets that made our range and everyone else who was shooting on the Vendor Range at the 2023 Pyramyd Air Cup shake, ratt...