Blog posts of '2020' 'June'

Practice with These Guns and Prepare to Protect
Up until recently I’ve toted around Walther’s PPS Classic as my daily carry pistol. If you’ve never been blessed with shooting this thin German made masterpiece, you are really missing out. Currently the PPS M2 is the premier single stack striker fired sub-compact that the rest of the firearms industry tries to beat. Whichever version you end up with it’s hard to be disappointed with such an easy handling and pin-point shooting handgun.
The Complete Guide for New Air Pistol Owners
There are a lot of new gun owners out there and, believe it or not, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of air gun owners here in the topsy-turvy 2020. If you find yourself in the new airgun owner category there are a few things that are vitally important to consider in taking care of your new air pistol so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.
Airguns So Quiet Your Neighbors Won’t Know
If you have neighbors and love trigger time you need quite guns. There are some whisper-quiet airguns and there’s some that are quiet enough to shoot on your own home airgun range or in your garage. Some of them in fact are quieter than the sound the pellet or BB makes when it strikes a target. Most low powered airguns are quieter than the bounce of a basketball and certainly many are drowned out by the sound of a lawnmower or leaf blower. The typical nail gun or even someone pounding nails with a hammer makes more noise than quiet pellet rifles and BB slingers.