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How do I Maintain my Springer?

Spring and Gas Piston air rifles need very little in the way of maintenance. The most important thing is to keep the exterior metal surfaces clean and oiled.  This will help prevent rust and staining from the oils and acids in your skin.  Don’t over-apply this oil as too much oil can damage wood sto...

Are Spring and Gas Piston Air Rifles Inaccurate?

Spring and Gas Piston air rifles generate two distinct recoil impulses during a shot. The first one occurs before the pellet starts moving and the spring or gas ram has been released by the trigger. The piston assembly moves forward rapidly and compresses the air inside of the cylinder, creating the...

What Kind of Scope Can I Put on my Spring or Gas Piston Air Rifle?

Springers, including Gas-Piston Air Rifles, are unique in the shooting world.  They operate by releasing a spring that is capped with a piston and seal.  This assembly instantly compresses the volume of air that is resting in the piston cylinder. This whole process happens very quickly but with a li...

False Spring,  Anxiety, and Luck
Spring is right around the corner and not a moment too soon. Granted, here in the South we didn’t have all that hard of a winter.  Yes, in spite of my chin whiskers, winter is not my favorite season– even if it is a mild winter. We’ve had our first taste of spring already.  Actually, we’ve had two waves of spring.  Down here we call them the “Fool’s Spring and the “Spring of Deception”.
Umarex Unveils New Airguns at SHOT Show
Umarex USA is excited to announce the new Umarex Airguns debuting at SHOT Show 2024. The airgun making the biggest splash - literally - will be the new FishR. Based on the successful AirJavelin frame, the FishR utilizes saltwater grade components to open the door to bowfishing for airgunners. Umarex is also bringing several new PCP models in 2024. The new Zelos offers a multitude of customization options for airgunners interested in everything from benchrest shooting to plinking. The Iconix is a new, affordable way to introduce shooters to PCP airgunning. While the proven Gauntlet lineup of rifles get upgraded with features that were most requested by shooters such as a side lever. The all-new Synergis Elite is an underlever with a unique breech design that prevents double loading. The 10–shot RapidMag magazines cut down on the time per shot.
On the Way to the Big Shoe– No Peeking!
It is that time of the year again. And sorry for dating myself with the Ed Sullivan allusion. The Umarex crew will be headed out to the desert for the 2024 National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show soon. In case you are looking for a leak on new stuff, I am sorry, but you will have to wait just a little bit longer. I know, such a disappointment.
The Most Bang for Your Buck!
There is no doubt about it, inflation has affected nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. You need to look no further than the ever escalating costs of housing, food, and transportation– I’ve heard that there’s been as much as a 30% increase in costs across the board for American families.Chances are you haven’t had a 30% increase in compensation during the same time. Things are different in ways but they are the same in others.
What Are You Shooting This Christmas?
It’s a pretty solid tradition here in the south that once all the presents have been opened, the mess cleaned up, and dinner did, then it’s time to go outside and do some shooting. Moping around the house can only go on for so long. The little kids are left with their loud new toys and the big kids get to go outside for some trigger time.
Umarex Christmas Email Schedule
Hello Umarex Fam! It is getting really close to THAT time of the year again and thought it would be a good idea to give our fans a little heads up about our sales and offers in the weeks leading up to Christmas. All of the deals below will be fully explained via our Umarex Club Newsletter Email. If you aren’t signed up for this already, Click here now and do that!
Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Fun Airguns, Airsoft, and Would Ya Just Look At That!
Since I started working here over ten years ago, the catalog has grown and grown. We have so many different product categories and so many different products within those categories that it is really quite remarkable. We truly do have something for everyone. With that said, I have already addressed hunting and target shooting airguns in this Christmas Gift Guide series and I recently addressed our best selling licensed replicas as well. But there are some products that are just fun and as such, they deserve an entry in this series on their own.