Blog posts of '2021' 'March'

All About That Air: Beretta M9A3
If you walk into ten gun free zones, you are likely to see eight silhouetted Beretta Model 92’s underneath the red angled bar. For some reason the anti-gun world loves the esthetics of the Italian design while simultaneously hating the object itself. Well, if it weren’t for double standards, these people would have no standards at all, but all politics aside, the full size Beretta 90 series handguns not only look really sweet, they work equally sweet.
5 Reasons the Synergis Changes Old Ideas About Airguns
PCP air rifles have sucked up a lot of air these past few years. Maybe “consumed” a lot of air would be the better way to say it, but nevertheless, Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles, as handy as they are, are just not everyone’s cup of coffee. One distinct advantage that high pressure airguns (HPA) have had over traditional spring and gas ram piston powered pellet rifles is their bolt action activated rotary magazine. PCP shooters have been sitting in the lap of luxury only needing to work the bolt action to advance to the next round.
Saving Airgun CO2 with the NEW Umarex CO2 Saver!
In all of my time working in the service department here at Umarex USA, the number one question I received regarding CO2 powered airguns was, “Can I take the CO2 out of the gun?” The questioner was really wanting to know if the CO2 remaining in a cartridge could be saved for use later. The unfortunate answer was a simple “No.” While this isn’t such a big deal when you are talking about a $0.50 12 gram cartridge, but when the subject is a $10.00 88 gram cartridge, the inner economist gets real concerned all of a sudden.
5 Signs You Are Addicted to Airguns
Airgunning is a surprisingly addictive behavior that can cause a disruption in your normal way of life. Yes, you too can develop a chronic dependency on all things air-powered. Stay tuned as we flesh out some signs of this tragic condition.