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Saving Airgun CO2 with the NEW Umarex CO2 Saver!

In all of my time working in the service department here at Umarex USA, the number one question I received regarding CO2 powered airguns was, “Can I take the CO2 out of the gun?” The questioner was really wanting to know if the CO2 remaining in a cartridge could be saved for use later. The unfortunate answer was a simple “No.” While this isn’t such a big deal when you are talking about a $0.50 12 gram cartridge, but when the subject is a $10.00 88 gram cartridge, the inner economist gets real concerned all of a sudden.

Umarex CO2 SaverUp until now the best advice was to run an adapter that took the place of the 88 gram cartridge and allowed the shooter to use two 12 gram cartridges in its place. Just a few years ago those adapters were pretty costly, too. We’ve since brought the cost down on the 2 X 12 gram adapter to a point where it just makes a lot of sense to use, but those who had a stash of 88 gram tanks or otherwise preferred the volume of CO2 possible with the larger cartridges were still looking for answers.

The CO2 Saver is the Answer to Your Question

And the answer to that question is finally here, the 88 gram CO2 Saver. It’s simply a device that threads onto the cartridge and contains a valve system strong enough to hold CO2 indefinitely. Now you can get the best economy and efficiency from those big 88 gram cartridges with this simple device. Just tighten the device down so that the seal is punctured and install on the air gun and use accordingly.

For hunters who have picked up an air archery gun like the Umarex AirJavelin this means you can use the CO2 Saver and still get 35+ shots from each cartridge and use it as much or as little as you want until the CO2 is depleted from the cartridge.

Tips and Best Practices

You will want to make sure that the 88 gram cartridge is firmly tightened into the CO2 Saver when getting ready to install it on your device. When it comes time to install the assembly on your air gun, make sure that you don’t install it all too tight. You will hear CO2 escaping as you tighten the cartridge assembly down. Stop tightening it when you get it snug enough for the hissing to stop. This will help prevent the CO2 Saver from separating from the cartridge when removing the assembly from the gun. With devices like the AirJavelin, this isn’t too big of an issue as you can get your hand on the CO2 Saver to loosen it.

Umarex CO2 SaverI can already hear the shouts of relief coming from those of you who shoot CO2 powered air rifles. It really is painful to bleed off half a tank of CO2 and realize that you just wasted $5.00 worth of shooting propellant to save $150 worth of damage to the airgun. However, we feel that this solution is better late than never. We have heard your cries for a solution to this issue and are proud to offer this simple add-on feature to you. Check out the link here to our website where you can pick up your own CO2 Saver.

Mark Davis, avid outdoorsman, family man, and outdoors writer is the social media specialist for Umarex USA.

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6/5/2021 2:45 PM
Does this adapter work on Umarex Fusion 2 Rifle?? I have read that it does not ???