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Blog posts of '2022' 'November'

Black Friday, Every Friday
At one point in my life there was no such thing as “Black Friday”. Well, there was, but it referred to the historical stock market crash in October of 1929 that decimated fortunes and sadly was the opening act of a very bad decade. Around 25 years ago a retail shopping phenomenon developed that would come to be known as “Black Friday”. In the days before e-commerce was a thing, people actually got up at the crack of dawn to go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Retailers seeking to out-sell their competition, opened their doors a little earlier each year, until it became unnecessary to set an alarm at all. The shopping would commence at midnight.
The Student Air Rifle Program has expanded to Alaska
Glacier View School/MSBSD have launched a SAR program after teachers and volunteers from Glacier View School, Twindly Bridge Charter School and Kenny Lake School obtained SAR Basic Air Riflery Instructor certification. Funding for the program came from the local community and a grant from the NRA Foundation.