Blog posts of '2020' 'August'

Peas and Carrots and Legendary Airguns
The Legends Ace In The Hole and the Cowboy Rifle. Yep, a match made in pulp fiction and silver screen heaven if there ever was one. Cowboys and outlaws of fiction and history used the handy combination of a single action revolver and a lever action chambered in the same cartridge as the pistol. The wisdom of carrying one type of cartridge has not been lost on posterity, but that’s a subject for another blog.
5 Ways to Safely Store your Airgun at Home
If you want to buy an airgun you also need to secure it safely whenever you don’t use it. If you have kids at home, then you absolutely must store it in a safe and secure way. There are plenty of ways you can go about with this. We’ll teach you 5 ways to safely store your airgun at home.
Could You Use a Good Distraction from COVID-19?
If there has ever been a time to step away from media and the chaos, this summer has been it. Judging by sales of recreational items like fishing gear and airguns, it would seem like many of our fans and like minded people are doing just that.
Umarex NSSF Shooting Sports Month Giveaway
August is a month that even we over here in the world of airguns can look forward to. And speaking of airgunning, one way we are supporting the NSSF in their celebration of all things shooting is to give the gift of shooting to a lucky winner. We’ve put together a package that any shooter can appreciate. Let’s take a look at it. First off it’s hard not to notice the Umarex 850 M2 CO2 powered bolt action residing at the heart of this sweet little package.