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5 Ways to Safely Store your Airgun at Home

If you want to buy an airgun you also need to secure it safely whenever you don’t use it. If you have kids at home, then you absolutely must store it in a safe and secure way. There are plenty of ways you can go about with this. We’ll teach you 5 ways to safely store your airgun at home.

While airguns are safer than firearms, they are still dangerous if not handled properly. If you have other people around your home, you should store your airgun safely, and here are some of your options.

Use a Gun Safe

You should try using a safe because it provides you with a lot of security for gun storage. Gun safes aren’t just for storing guns. You can use them to store your airguns, important documents, money, jewelry, and other important stuff.

Gun safes are sturdy and heavy. They can last you for a long time and robbers will have a hard time stealing it. You can also prevent your kids or other people living in the house to gain access to your airguns.

Some states don’t allow minors to hold an airgun. Other states even require you to have proper storage like a gun safe before you can own a gun. If you fail to comply, you could end up in jail.

Carry Them In An Air Rifle Bag

If you are just along by yourself, you can use an air rifle bag to store your airguns at home. They are portable with their carry handles so you can store them anywhere securely. You can also bring it with you at the gun range for some target shooting practice with ease.

However, air rifle bags don’t have features that prevent impact damage. You should be extra careful not to drop it or place in storage where it would easily fall. You also have to make sure that your airgun has no wet spot or the air rifle bag could trap the moisture inside and rust your air gun.

You could use an air rifle bag for extra protection when placed in secured and locked place for storage. Children too will be less curious when they see an air rifle bag versus a visible gun.

Opt for a Gun Cabinet

A lot of air gun owners use gun cabinets to safely store their air guns. Locking gun cabinets reduce the risk of teens getting access to your airguns. You can buy one that’s already built or custom-built design. You can also build one yourself if you are capable of making one.

You can also make a gun cabinet that will be hard to reach for your small kids. Building an airgun cabinet yourself gives you the freedom to make it bigger or smaller according to how many airguns you own.

Use Safety Locks

If you store your guns in your homemade cabinet or drawers, then you should consider getting safety locks to keep them inaccessible to would-be robbers or from your family at home.

Irresponsibly storing your airguns without a lock may lead to kids finding it and accidentally shooting it. Make sure to keep your air gun unloaded and always lock them and your storage for airguns at home.

Check Your Airgun Before Storing

Before you store your airguns, you should check it first to see if there are any problems with it or some safety concerns. Here are other things you can do to safely check your airguns.

  • Make sure your airguns are not loaded before storing
  • Always point the airgun in a safe direction whether you are storing it or taking it out of the storage
  • Never rely on safety mechanisms because they sometimes can go faulty.
  • Never store a loaded airgun.


In many ways, owning an airgun is the same as owning a gun. You have to be responsible for it and ensure that it’s safe and secure. You don’t want them falling into the hands of dangerous people or your family who don’t know how to properly use it. Use the methods above to make sure you, your airguns and your family are safe.

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