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Blog posts of '2021' 'January'

Which Spring or Gas Piston Air RIfle is For Me?
So you want a pellet rifle but a PCP gun is not for you yet. That leaves CO2 rifles, springers, and multi-pump pneumatics. You’re not a fan of CO2 and you desire more power than the typical multi-pump can generate, so now you’re down to break barrels, under levers and side levers. Which is right for you?
The Best Prepper Rifle on Earth: The Synergis .22
I’ve been excited about this rifle since I first heard its little brother chambered in .177 was announced. I’m happy to announce that the Synergis in .22 caliber is ready to go! In case you’ve been under a rock, the Synergis platform is a rotary fed underlever “springer” style airgun. Now I wrote springer in quotation marks because it is actually powered by the T.N.T Gas Piston instead of a spring. This means that pound for pound the Synergis makes better power than a traditional spring and smoother cocking effort.
A New Year and New Air Guns
Thank you for beginning 2021 with us through this airgun newsletter. We enjoy writing for you and we hope that you have found a handful of our blogs helpful, informative, and/or entertaining. Lots of people started shooting airguns for the first time this past year. If you know one of them, be sure to share this newsletter with them!
Using CO2 When It’s Cold Outside!
While most of my reasons for hating January and February are based on the obvious- daylight savings enhanced short days, bitter wet-cold temperatures, and Murphy’s Law events that tend to happen outside on the coldest, most miserable days. There is one rather selfish reason to pine for the warmer temps, and that is shooting CO2 powered pistols and airguns. To be sure, it can be done! You just have to be strategic about it.