Blog posts of '2022' 'March'

Umarex Hammer - Crushing Game and Killing the Competition
The Umarex Hammer is a .50 caliber hunting airgun that brings a lot to the table. Before we get too deep into this article, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is the Hammer the “most powerful” big bore airgun on the market? No, it’s not, at least not any longer. Is it the most practical? We think so. There’s a lot more to the makeup of an effective hunting airgun than just power. It’s an important factor, and the Hammer produces more than enough energy to get the job done, but you also need ease of use, accuracy, and portability. In these critical areas, the Hammer takes the advantage over the other big-bore airguns on the market.
Punching Up- The .30 Caliber Gauntlet is Here and Umarex Hodgepodge
I literally could not have picked a better day of the year to write this blog entry on the newest addition to the Gauntlet line. Here on 3.08 day, I get to tell our fans about the .30 caliber Gauntlet. Notice I did not write “Gauntlet 2”. There’s never been a .30 caliber Gauntlet before, so, and in spite of some of the visual similarities shared with the .22 and .25 caliber Gauntlets, the .30 caliber version is brand spanking new and will be issued sans the “2” designation. With that bit of explanation out of the way, let's peruse some facts about this new PCP lead flinger!