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Blog posts of '2018' 'January'

A Day at the Range

I love going hunting and to shooting competitions and during the 2017 Rat Wars I was able to do both. At a recent USPSA shooting match at my local gun club, I was able to do a little “hunting” without even knowing until after the fact.

                Whether I am helping set up and shoot a match, ...

The New .50 caliber Umarex Hammer is an Air Rifle!

Umarex USA has officially announced the introduction of the Umarex Hammer, the American-made .50 caliber air rifle that has become the most powerful production airgun on the planet.

The Beretta Model 84

The Umarex CO2 version of the Beretta Model 84 is a faithful recreation of the original. This one holds one 12 g CO2 capsule in its removable magazine and can hold 17 .177 BBs. Fans of the Italian classics are going to love this BB gun.