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Under Pressure: Stress is Always Around the Corner


It comes in waves.  What?  Well, lots of things. Good things, bad things, Inconsequential things, highly consequential things, and things that mean nothing to anyone but you, and things that mean everything to the people who surround you. Waves of productivity and waves of stagnation. Waves of ...

Komplete Giveaway


There’s always good news and bad news when it comes to just about anything.  We tried really hard to get you guys all the good news first when it came to the Komplete and I think we did a fair job of that. We were able to launch the product and sell them on the same day.   Unfortunately we were...

The Strategic Advantage of Nitrogen Cartridge Rifles for Preppers
In the world of emergency preparedness, ensuring that one has reliable and efficient tools is paramount. Among these tools, nitrogen cartridge rifles, like the Umarex Komplete™ NCR, have emerged as a significant asset for preppers. These rifles, which utilize cartridges pre-filled with nitrogen gas to a pressure of 3,600 psi, offer several unique advantages that make them an excellent choice for survival scenarios. Here, we delve into why these innovative airguns are gaining popularity in the prepper community.
Getting Into Benchrest Airgun Shooting
So you’ve got your PCP airgun, read about the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge and wonder how to get into the world of benchrest shooting. Well, here’s how to begin in the sport.