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Don’t (Out) Miss with the Hammer Carbine

I know it is May. It’s May and we are in the neighborhood of 6 months away from deer season.  That being the case, and you being the kind of outdoorsman that like to get his gear in order well before you need it, it would be a nice time to let you know that the Hammer Carbine is here and it is all that and a bag of chips.


To refresh your memory, the Hammer Carbine is still .50 caliber and it still throws the slug out of the barrel with authority. What is different compared to the original Hammer is that there is about 6 inches less barrel, the barrel is threaded, and the carbon fiber tank has been embiggened (term of art) to 35 cubic inches. 

 The compromise for having a much handier size rifle is a bit of velocity loss, but it is not so much that you can’t still hunt out to 125 yards, or have enough umph to humanely harvest deer or other (larger) species.


  Don’t let that 6 month window of opportunity dwindle down to no opportunity.  Half a year can pass by quicker than you can imagine. Do what you have to do. Namely, budget it out if you don’t have cash right now. Set aside $100 or so each month to help make the purchase easier when the time comes.  However, don’t wait around too long. You might find the Hammer Carbine “Out of Stock” closer to deer season.



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