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Top 10 Umarex Blogs for 2021!

2021 was a fast-moving year for us in ways and slow in others.  It was just painful waiting for new inventory to come in. But on the other hand, it was really cool seeing our customers getting into shooting with all of the cool airguns and replicas we had available at the time. Well, it’s the end of the year and it is always a good time to look back to see what went well for the company during the previous year. This look back over the previous 12 months is going to chronicle our blog page! So without further ado, the top 10 blogs found on Umarex USA!

10. 5 Signs You Are Addicted To Airgunning

This blog entry just spelled out in black and white what you already know to be true-- You are an addict! Shooting with air is a blast and you love it for all the right reasons!

9. All About That Air: Beretta M9A3

This blog series was honestly well worth reading in total.  One of the reasons Umarex is the King of Replicas is because we make the most licensed replicas with full functionality. Tucked away in this 5 part series was this missive on Beretta’s M9A3 that we released to the public a few years back. Give this blog a read and see for yourself!

8. Mounting a Scope to Your Air Rifle

Yes, how-to’s and tips and tricks still read well even in this post-modern age of YouTube videos.  This blog simply dealt with some of the nuances of mounting a rifle scope to your typical air rifle. While this process does share a lot with the firearm world there was some good information for all in this little entry.

7. 5 Reasons the Synergis Changes Old Ideas About Airguns

The Synergis is just a really neat air rifle. Not only is it an underlever design, but it is also a repeater.  Loading up a full dozen pellets in the .177 caliber version or 10 pellets in the .22 caliber version just makes for a great day at the range.  Learn about how the Synergis can change your mind about traditional air rifles! 

6. Pumping Up...The AirSaber!

The white-hot PCP airgun market has created scores of first-time PCP airgunners. The number one question in these new owner’s mind is, “How do I fill this?”  In this article we visit filling methods and best practices. Read along and see what you can learn!

5. Using CO2 When It’s Cold Outside

Veteran airgunners know that CO2 use in cold temperatures isn’t a great combination. But every year CO2 air pistols are given as Christmas gifts. And every year many of these shooters discover that winter is not the ideal time to use them. Learn about this phenomenon in this blog entry.

4. The Best Prepper Rifle on Earth: The Umarex Synergis

What are the characteristics of a great prepper rifle?  I’m glad you asked!  Prepping is a thing that isn’t going anywhere. Yes, the popularity may ebb and flow, but with the way things are these days, it is obvious that prepping is here to stay.  Airguns are essential prepping gear and we believe that the Synergis is certainly one of the best prepper air rifles on the planet! 

3. Which Spring or Gas Piston Air Rifle is Right For Me?

The world of airgunning is huge!  There are many types of airguns on the market and still, yet there are many choices to make even among the various spring-powered air rifles.  In this blog, we visit the major points one must consider when looking for a spring-powered air rifle.

2. Breaking News! The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is Coming!

You would have to have been under a rock to not know that the Gauntlet that was introduced in 2017 was disruptive to the airgun industry.  This punching-above-its-weight-class PCP rifle delivered impressive performance, accuracy, and utility all the while being priced under $300 at its introduction. But we aren’t one’s to sit on our laurels!  Check out this blog entry to see how we made the Gauntlet even better via the Gauntlet 2!

1. A New Year and New Airguns!

When the calendar turns over to a new year, it’s time for us to let our fans know what has been cooking in the Umarex research and development department.  This column is a perennial favorite for our readers for obvious reasons.  We are breaking new ground in licensed replicas, gas piston, PCP, big bore, and air archery devices every year. Take a look back at this one and get prepared to read the next one!

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