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Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Fun Airguns, Airsoft, and Would Ya Just Look At That!

Merry Christmas

Since I started working here over ten years ago, the catalog has grown and grown.  We have so many different product categories and so many different products within those categories that it is really quite remarkable.  We truly do have something for everyone.  With that said, I have already addressed hunting and target shooting airguns in this Christmas Gift Guide series and I recently addressed our best selling licensed replicas as well.  But there are some products that are just fun and as such, they deserve an entry in this series on their own.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at Umarex’s most fun airguns.

Legends M3 Grease Gun

Legends M3 Grease GunYou know some cars get terrible fuel mileage but offer the driver more “smiles per gallon” than the old econobox. They are fast, raw, and fun and worth driving in spite of the small fortune it takes to fill the tank with high octane fuel. The Legends M3 Grease gun is the airgun equivalent to a muscle car.  It’s fast, it’s raw, and, most importantly, it’s FUN!  Yes, the M3 does eat up the BBs and CO2, but re-read that last sentence.  Buy the M3, a 50-count box of UX CO2 and all the Hornady Black Diamond BBs you can. This open bolt airgun gets attention whenever it is seen.  It seems like everyone knows what the Grease Gun is and everyone wants to get their hand on this awesome replica.  You can get the M3 by itself, but as suggested above, buy the bundle that includes CO2 and BBs and you will save money and have everything you need to get going.

Legends M1A1

Legends M1A1Truthfully, everything I just wrote for the Legends M3 Grease Gun is true for Legends M1A1.  Instantly recognizable open bolt goodness, the M1A1 “Tommy Gun” is full-auto fun like you never imagined.  Since both the M3 and the M1A1 were used in WWII and beyond, the M1A1 is an essential building block of a historical collection of Allied replica arms. Once again, the M1A1 is available by itself or as a part of a bundle.  Get the bundle and save some trouble and some money, too. 

Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army

Colt Peacemaker Single Action ArmyWho hasn’t watched a western and longed for the 30-shot Colt revolver in the hands of the white hat hero.  Yes, the good guys never missed and never ran out of ammo. It’s widely known that a pair of “six-shooters” gives the good cowboy an infinite supply of ammo and miraculous accuracy, right?  While I can guarantee that our Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army only holds six lousy BBs, I can also guarantee that this is one of the most fun airguns in our catalog. It’s a cinch to get real gun leather for this BB gun, which is really cool (just size it for a .357/38 Special). Pick up some spare shell cases so you keep on shooting! Oddly enough, there’s a companion piece for our Colt Peacemaker. Read about it below.

Legends Cowboy Rifle

Legends Cowboy RifleThe Cowboy Rifle is exactly what it sounds like, the long gun your favorite cowboy hero would carry.  A pistol caliber carbine for the Old West!  Lever actions are just about the hottest thing on the firearms market and for good reason.  They are just the neatest thing since sliced bread. Our Cowboy Rifle holds 10-BB shot shells and kicks out the empties with each flick of the lever. And just like the cowboys in the movies, the rifle uses the same cartridges that his sidearm uses.  Both the Colt Peacemaker and the Cowboy Rifle use the same BB cartridge. Once again stock up on shells, CO2 and BBs and pair the Cowboy Rifle up with the Peacemaker for a really fine gift for your western film fanatic. 

NXG Pump Shot

NXG Pump ShotIt ain’t fun until the whole family is having fun.  That is what the NXG Pump Shot is all about. With this easy to use CO2 powered BB gun, you can begin teaching the basics of marksmanship to the whole family.  Set up some paper targets on a stand and have a family friendly gallery style shooting competition.  The Pump Shot uses a 10-shot rotary magazine that advances via a pump of the forend of the gun. A single 12 gram CO2 is stored in the stock and easily changed out for more shooting. 

Umarex Notos

Umarex NotosOK, regular readers of this blog will know instantly that the Notos has already been on this list in the Rifle Gift Guide.  I’m sorry, but not only is the Notos an amazing rifle worthy of being included on our hard hitting rifle’s page, but the truth is that the Notos is a super fun air rifle. The fun factor has to do with how accurate this rifle is, how easy handling it is, and how much of a joy it is to shoot– it has to be included in the fun airgun blog as well.  The Notos was made to be a fun plinker and, honestly, we may have underestimated how wildly popular it would be.  We can’t keep it in stock for very long and many of our retail partners have the same trouble. Whether you hunt or like to plink, the Notos Pre-Charged Pneumatic is a worthy airgun of being on our Gift Guides twice.

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