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2023 Gift Guide: Focus on Rifles

Umarex Gauntlet under the Christmas Tree

In the last few years the Umarex rifle game has gotten very strong.  Not that it wasn’t slapping already, but these days, we have everything from big bore PCPs to youth plinkers and everything in between. And what is a Christmas without opening up an air rifle?  Not much of one.  Below you’ll find the best selling air rifles in our catalog. Check it out and maybe you’ll find the perfect one for yourself or a loved one. Caveat Emptor: Inventory of any or all of these may not be available as we approach the Christmas Holiday. Be prepared to act quickly.

The Notos, shown here in pistol configuration and with a reflex sight, has proven to be the most popular airgun in our catalog this year.

Best Buys and Best Sellers

Umarex Notos Compact .22 Caliber PCP

Not to break an arm patting ourselves on the back, but the compact, accurate, reliable, lightweight, fun, covert– all the good adjectives.  Seriously, the Notos is all that stuff and it’s just a little compact air rifle.  On paper, one might just not be impressed with the Notos, but one is absolutely in their own right to be wrong. Are you sold on the Notos yet?  If not, go ahead and watch the video linked here. The Notos is sold as a rifle, but a pistol grip is available separately and very affordably. 

The Umarex Emerge Breakbarrel Rifles

The new Emerge has been popular with plinkers, hunters, and preppers. 12-shot repeating convenience speaks to all sorts of airgunners!The Emerge has been selling very well for us even in a world of airguns that is trending towards Pre-Charged Pneumatics.  Featuring a 12 shot auto-rotating magazine, the Emerge is easy to load, easy to shoot, and easy to live with.  It really is a solid stand alone gas piston air rifle that offers a lot of performance for its sub $200 price. The Emerge is available in either .177 caliber or .22 caliber. 

The Umarex Origin Kit

Maybe the theme here so far is obvious.  If you haven’t noticed, then the theme in the first two rifles selected is that they offer amazing value for the dollar spent.  The Origin Kit certainly belongs in this group. To start with, the Origin is a solid, accurate, and easy to shoot Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifle.  It was designed for the shooter who has been on the fence with the PCP craze. With minimal pumping from the included hand pump, a shooter can have the Origin fully charged and ready to shoot.  Once charged the Ever-Pressure gas ram helps maximize the pressure for a longer time than just a regular air tank would. This leads to more pressure for longer and a flat shot string in spite of the gun not being regulated. So, if you are on the fence about getting your hands on a PCP– this is the rifle for you!

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 in .22 and .25 Calibers

U2's Bono's blurry brother,Sasquatchmenow, stopped by Umarex to mug with the Gauntlet 2 during it's introduction.The second generation of the Gauntlet hits harder and has a much bigger tank than the original Gauntlet. You airgunners have noticed and swarmed to the revised platform.  If you haven’t gotten on the G2 bandwagon yet, why wait around?  The Gauntlet 2 is great for target shooting, hunting, and, with its quiet performance, a wonderful prepper rifle.  The .22 version makes 33 FPE– more than enough power for small game hunting and can very well do the job on small hogs or even coyotes. The .25 caliber version delivers 54 FPE and can stretch out the effective hunting distance quite a bit over the .22 caliber version. Whichever you choose you can’t go wrong with the Gauntlet 2!

Heavy Hitting and Fast Selling

The Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber PCP

Sunbathing beauty! The Hammer 50 Caliber PCP is still on the top of the big bore air rifle heap.If you want a big, hard hitting, get-it-done airgun, the Hammer is it. The Hammer was the first repeating big bore on the market which means you get a full power follow up shot as fast as you can work the action.  The Hammer delivers big power through the delivery of big slugs to the target.  Most hunters are shooting .510” diameter slugs that weight between 250 and 350 grains. The most common projectile fired from a .30 caliber powder burner is 150 grains, to put this in perspective. It’s a big, heavy projectile and it’s moving in the range of 875 to 950 FPS.  If you want to go whole hog in airgun hunting, the Hammer is the way to go!

The Umarex AirSaber Air Archery Gun

Chris Cook (Cafes and Campfires) in Africa with a World Record Blesbuk harvested with the AirSaber.Flinging a fast moving arrow is a distinctive way to harvest game.  Texas hunter Chris Cook has certainly taken air archery hunting to the next level and has become the authority on air archery hunting. The AirSaber shoots arrows at 400 FPS and that is with an arrow that weighs 376 grains. As Chris has discovered, the arrows can be tuned for the performance you need. While the AirSaber is available with one barrel or two barrels ( AirSaber Elite X2) you can make no wrong choice with it!

The Gauntlet 30 .30 Caliber PCP Pellet Rifle

If you are wanting to stretch out your pellet gun shooting performance or venture beyond small game in your airgun hunting, the Gauntlet 30 brings the performance you need. We’ve even heard reports of interesting accuracy performance out at 300 yards with slugs!   The Gauntlet 30 has been a hot seller since it became available. With a big 24 cubic inch tank, and a familiar Gauntlet layout and magazine system, you won’t be disappointed in the consistent power and accuracy the G30 delivers.

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