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Christmas Gift Guide: Licensed and Historical Replicas and Action Pistols


Umarex is the undisputed heavyweight cham… undisputed leader in airgun innovation and licensed replicas. After a fashion, yes we are the heavyweight in the airgun industry.  Why? Because we make the most, the best, and the coolest airguns around. 2023 has been a big year for our licensed replicas and our Legends historical replica lines.  You will see some perennial favorites below, but there’s a few new items that you may have missed.  Please do note, some of these model may not be instock at the time of publishing. If so, please click on the "notify me" button so you will get an email as soon as the item is restocked.  Are you ready to see the coolest, best, and diverse selection of airguns?  To wit:


2023 Hottest Selling Licensed Replicas


GLOCK 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Pistol



To absolutely no one’s surprise, the number one hottest selling officially licensed product in our warehouse is the GLOCK 19 Gen 3 CO2 powered air pistol.  This model is compact, affordable and just a well made, dependable replica. The G19 Gen 3 is sold in many different retail locations including gobs of brick and mortar stores.  Whether on-line or in a physical store, the GLOCK 19 Gen 3 just moves off of shelves and into airgun and firearm fans all over the US. Due to the compact design of the G19 firearm, a true replica of it just can’t be a blowback design. The 12g CO2 cartridge is just too long. However, this simpler, non-blowback design is very affordable and reliable as an anvil. 


Beretta M9A3 .177 Caliber Fully Automatic BB Pistol



There’s nothing not to love about the officially licensed Beretta M9A3 air pistol. This replica is a little better than just a replica. We took one bit of artistic license with it in that we gave it a fun switch.  Yes (slaps hood) this baby goes fully loaded to empty in about 2 seconds. Fully automatic airguns are a thing and this is one thing you need to get your paws on.  First of all, it is completely legal, and second of all, it’s the funnest thing you can do with your clothes on. The Beretta M9A3 is a full blowback design, so it will field strip (if you are so inclined) just like the firearm.  And, since the muzzle is threaded with 14mm left hand threads, you can doctor it up with an airsoft faux suppressor to create a maddeningly cool look. 


Smith & Wesson M29 Double Action Revolver



Go ahead, punk, make someone’s day. Heck, make your own day and make this huge hunk of officially licensed Smith & Wesson awesomeness yours!  This is one of those cases where pictures just don’t do the product justice.  When you see this awesome S&W M29 in all of its 8-inch barreled glory it becomes irresistible. You can’t not pick it up and you can’t not love it.  Now the only question is, did I fire 5 shots, or 6 shots? Yes, this is a replica of the famous M29 that Clint Eastwood used in the Dirty Harry movie franchise.  For all the reasons stated above, the Smith & Wesson M29 is exceedingly popular and a best seller.  What? You don’t have one?  That’s like putting ketchup on a hot dog. No one, and I mean no one puts ketchup on a hot dog!  


Heckler & Koch HK VP9 Blowback Action Pistol



When the HK VP9 came on the firearms scene several years back it was an immediate hit. The VP9 has a great trigger, superb ergonomics, and that distinctive trigger guard lever magazine release. Due to our license agreement with Heckler & Koch, we were quick to get on the ball developing official replicas of this new HK masterpiece. Like many of our replicas, the VP9 is available in 6mm airsoft and .177 BB. In either form, the VP9 absolutely slaps.  With blowback action, and 18-shot drop free magazine, the HK VP9 .177 is a fun, accurate, and faithful replica of the real steel. As such it has been a very popular air pistol since its introduction.  


Umarex and Legends Action Pistols


Umarex has a bunch of other great action pistols that are not made under license agreements.  Several of those have been our customer’s favorites for year and it shows as these airguns are frequently sold out.  Without further ado, here are the best selling Umarex and Legends airguns.


Umarex SA10 Blowback BB or Pellet Pistol



Looking like something out of the John Wick movie franchise, the SA10 has been flying off of our shelves ever since it was introduced.  The SA10 uses a drop free style magazine that stores the ammo in an 8-shot rotary disk. The SA10 comes with 4 total magazines so there’s plenty of shooting to be done out of the box. Not only this, but the SA10’s magazine can accommodate either .177 caliber BBs or Pellets.  The SA10 is all that and a bag of chips.  


Umarex Brodax .177 Double Action Revolver



The Brodax is popular for all the right reasons.  Number one, its very affordable. Two, you get an amazing amount of bang for your buck.  Three, with dual picatinny rail sections, you can attach electronic sights and laser or light attachments as well. You can’t go wrong with the Umarex Brodax.  This model comes with three 10-shot magazines and replacement magazines are sold in three packs as well and for a very reasonable price. Pick up some UX CO2 and Hornady Black Diamond BBs and even an extra pack of magazines and the price is still well below $100. 


Legends P.08 Blowback “Luger”



In my opinion, there is not cooler air pistol in our catalog.  The P.08 firearm is unique in the world of firearms in that there is no reciprocating slide that facilitates the semi-automatic case ejection and reloading process. Instead of a slide, the P.08 “Luger” uses a hinged toggle system to do the job of ejecting and reloading the chamber. The toggle system also incorporates the rear sight assembly. This fascinating bit of engineering is quite something to behold in person and you can do just that if you have our blowback version of this gun.  Historical weapons fans, and people who just appreciate really cool things don’t need any persuasion to buy this hot selling replica. 


Legends M712 Fully Automatic Blowback “Broomhandle Mauser”


In a close second place in my book, and you may have it in 1st place, is the M712 “Broomhandle Mauser” replica.  Based on the last iteration of the C96, our M712 offers the shooter fully automatic performance and blowback action.  Sharp eyed enthusiasts will also note that Hans Solo’s DL44 Blaster in Star Wars was a re-imagined C96.  We’ve seen airgunners take our M712 and convert it into the DL44 Blaster and it is really, really cool. So whether you are a history buff, COD player, or Star Wars fan, the M712 is the bees knees and you need to get your hands on this absolutely amazing full-auto air pistol.

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