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The (Air) Guns of John Wick

Movie poster from John Wick 4 courtesy of Lionsgate PublicityIf you ask your average action movie fan what is the best thing going in an action movie over the past decade, you will no doubt hear John Wick retorted back to you.  And for good reason– it is legitimately one of the only series actually worth watching. Ok, that might be one guy’s opinion, but maybe we can agree that the vast majority of Hollywood movies are hot garbage these days, completely devoid of testosterone, guns, and bad guys (who are actually bad guys). 

The character of John Wick touches a nerve with people. He’s a sympathetic guy who has been wronged, and, though he has a shady background, he is ready to move past those days but the past and those who wronged him have a stranglehold on him. John Wick fights with authority. He’s not a fat slob, but trained, methodical, and smart.  He’s the man today’s man wishes he could be- give or take the shady background. 

Actually, given the Wick character’s actor, Keanu Reeves' actual training, he's a person the modern man can be. What we see demonstrated in the films can be learned by a willing student. This is part of what makes the character and the films so appealing. The gunplay in the films started out as actual drills and training provided by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations

In other words, you can train to shoot as well as John Wick. But what was John Wick shooting?  As it turns out, we make licensed replicas of many of the firearms featured in the John Wick movie franchise. Believe it or don’t, but by using airguns, you can train to be a better firearm shooter.  Airguns help you get the mechanics and handling down pat so that you can make progress towards your goal without breaking the bank.  And even if you aren’t into training, you can still collect your own John Wick-esque replica collection.  

If you are into LARPing (Live Action Role Play)- you might want to steer exclusively to airsoft models to retain a factory installed orange tip. 

What John Wick franchise replicas are under the Umarex Umbrella? As it turns out, several models across the series. Let’s check out a few of those models.

 John Wick (2014)

The first film in this series is chock full of firearms. All the usual suspects are there along with some really fine and slightly esoteric examples that aren’t necessarily in our catalog, but bear mentioning nonetheless.

The Browning HiPower, designed by John Moses Browning (the patron saint of firearms?) was one of the first higher capacity pistols on the market.  Also, in the Bolt Action rifle category, and slightly unusual is the Savage 10 BA. Savage rifles have a reputation of being very good out of the box.  I have to confess that I have a 110 short action and absolutely love shooting it. The third slightly unusual firearm I’ll make mention of is the Desert Tactical Arms Recon Scout bolt action semi-bullpup in .338 Lapua. With a total length of 30.5” and a barrel of 18”, this compact precision rifle is unique in its ability to reach out and touch a target while being extremely portable.

Now for what we do have replicas of (or at least really close to it!).  Of course GLOCK is well represented all throughout the series.  You will see GLOCK 19’s, 17’s, as well as the G26 “Baby Glock” sub compact. We have several versions of the 19 and 17 but we do not make a 26 airsoft or BB pistol. However, in the sub-compact category, we do have a 6mm GLOCK 42 that is powered by green gas

The first film also features the Beretta M92 and Colt Python, both of which we have in our catalog in one form or another.Then there are the HK MP5 variants. We have long been known as the go-to airgun company for licensed HK airgun products. In .177 we only have the one HK MP5 K-PDW, but in 6mm airsoft we offer both the K model as well as SD6, A4, and A5.  

John Wick: Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, the gun show continues.  The set armorer had his work cut out for him gathering up all the cool hardware for this second installment. In the cool and unusual category sharp eyed viewers will notice unique pieces like the Benelli M4 Super 90 12ga shotgun, the Arsenal Arms Strike ONE handgun, and the ARWEN 37 riot control device. 

Once again, the usual suspects in the GLOCK family show up, but the G34 is added to the mix in a couple of forms.  HK is also well represented with the MP5’s again but also with the P30L. Our extensive HK catalog does not include a P30L, but we do have a really nice selection of HK handguns.  You should check them out. 

In the Elite Force Catalog you will find an M4A1 replica and you will see the M4A1 in shootout in the art gallery. You should see one hanging on your wall.

Of course the 1911 is found in this film and we have a few of these in our catalog. The Elite Force TAC in stainless steel is the closest to what is found in the movie, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can find several variations here and here. 

John Wick: Chapter 3– Parabellum 

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the eye candy does not stop with Chapter 3. In fact, it’s probably a bit more hot and heavy than either of the films so far. In the odd and interesting category, keep your eyes open for the Bond Arms Texas Defender two-shot derringer. It’s a handful, no doubt, but unique for sure. But also keep your eyes peeled for some classics from the old west days.  Remington’s 1875 revolver and Colt’s 1861 Navy revolver show up early in the film when Wick enters the antique firearms store. 

And as in all the other films, the GLOCK brand is thoroughly represented throughout the movie, you will also see Walther’s CCP and PPQ.  We don’t make a CCP replica, but we do make a couple of PPQ variations, the PPQ and PPQ M2. Both shoot .177 pellets, but only the PPQ M2 features blowback action. 

There are several AR15 variants in the 3rd film, the most common being shorter barrel CQB examples like our Elite Force M4 CQC

John Wick: Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, the list of firearms is noticeably shorter than the previous films, but no less interesting.  Yes, GLOCK is prominently represented throughout, but some very cool and diverse firearms are found here.  In the weird and notable category, you will find a highly customized Thompson M1A1. While we actually make an M1A1 replica, it is much more in line with the traditional wood stock and handguard that the public is very familiar with. Another odd one to see is the British Webley .455 Mk VI revolver. This WWII era break top revolver is certainly an odd duck not know for blistering performance. That being said, most people will politely decline catching one of the slow moving .455 diameter 265 grain lead slugs. 

Smith & Wesson’s fine line of revolvers is well represented in this 4th film.  While we don’t make a direct replica of any of the models featured in the movie, we do have the M29 in 4 different varieties as well as an R8 Performance Center model that looks amazing. In the movie you will see the huge Model 500, the Model 327, and the Model 627. 

Beyond these examples, Smith’s M&P9 M2.0 is shown and we have several replicas of this platform, including the Performance Center Model close to that which is shown in the movie.

That’s the great thing about Umarex– we have gobs of authentic and faithful, not to mention officially licensed, airgun replicas. The John Wick movies are just one series of films we could pick from to write this. Since this is a pretty fun exercise, we might just write another one or two blogs on films that feature firearms that we replicate in one way or the other.

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