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Three Legendary Airguns to Get That Call of Duty Fanatic on Your List Off the Couch

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent some time with my extended family. The weather kept us inside, or that’s what everyone said. The truth is that the new Call of Duty World War Two came home from college with my nephew, and the boys (and most of the men) took turns defending virtual democracy from the scourge of Axis aggressions.

I’m not much of a gamer, so I spent most of my time commenting on the guns’ historical accuracy (or lack thereof), and trying to convince a 10-year-old that a PPSH isn’t a sniper rifle.

Then I noticed an M712. The way load-outs work on COD, you get to chose combinations of rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. The full-auto incarnation of the old C96 Mauser is a popular choice.

“I’ve got one of those in the truck,” I said.

There’s very little that can pull attention from the wholesale slaughter offered by Call of Duty, but the Umarex M712 does the trick.

“And the best part is, it is BB gun, so we can shoot it here, in the backyard, if you want.”

That’s all it took. Problem solved. We headed out to set up some tin cans.

Here are three guns from the Umarex catalog that are good reasons to shut off the Xbox.

The Umarex Legends M712

Call of Duty isn’t all that concerned with historical accuracy. The M712 in World at War looks like a C96. It has no detachable magazine, nor does it have a fire-selection switch. Yet it fires in full auto and the on-screen characters are shown exchanging magazines.

The Umarex M712 is much closer to the real thing. It has a select-fire switch and a detachable magazine. The attention to detail on this one is spot-on perfect.

This is one of the most handsome airguns on the market, and it is a joy to shoot.  The M712 has an MSRP of $110.99. If you don’t want the full-auto option, the C96 is $96.25.

The Umarex Legends P.08

For fans who want to really romanticize the high art of German manufacturing, nothing beats the Luger. Umarex has nailed this reproduction, too. The sleek lines and craftsmanship that defined the originals make this the kind of gun people enjoy looking at almost as much as they enjoy shooting it.

Lugers are a popular choice for the animators in Call of Duty, too. Why not? The gun is the go-to for Hollywood. For those looking for the Umarex version, there are two options. You can get one with a realistic blow-back action for $128.99. If you are less interested in that, you can get a more basic model that is $70.99.

The Legends MP

If you are looking to make a huge impression, consider the Umarex Legends MP. This take on the classic MP40 is a great homage to the devastating German submachine gun.

The MP40 set the standard for small submachine gun development during the war and the Umarex version offers a responsive, full-auto BB gun experience.

These have been popular, so they may be harder to find.  A quick online search will show available options. The Legends MP looks brand-spanking new. If you want one that has a bit of a weathered look, check out the MP-Weathered.

The Legends MP is $228.47The MP-Weathered is $267.50

David Higginbotham is a writer and educator who lives in Arkansas. After years of writing and consulting in the firearms industry, he's coming back to his roots with air guns.


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