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The Most Bang for Your Buck!

There is no doubt about it, inflation has affected nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. You need to look no further than the ever escalating costs of housing, food, and transportation– I’ve heard that there’s been as much as a 30% increase in costs across the board for American families.Chances are you haven’t had a 30% increase in compensation during the same time.  Things are different in ways but they are the same in others.  

For me, I’ve always been a fan of getting the most “bang for my buck”. I’ve never bought a new car. There’s just something about a transaction in which the object purchased loses 15-20% of it’s alleged value just by the act of receiving a set of keys is something that I just can’t abide by.  Likewise, studying any purchase for value is just a part of my life at this point.  I would venture to guess that to one degree or another you are doing the same thing. With this in mind, I’ve taken the liberty to make a short list of some of the best value-for-money-spent items in our catalog.  Without further ado, here ya go.

BB Bliss: The Umarex Brodax

Funny name + All that and a bag of chips.  Seriously, the Brodax comes with 3 10-shot magazine disks, can be shot in either single or double action, and can accept a pistol style reflex sight and a laser or light.  Not only that, but with a price under $50 it’s hard to go wrong with the Brodax.  Listen, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just go to any retailer that sells the Brodax and read the reviews. People love the Brodax for the value, performance, and its ability to be customized. 

 Big bonus, spare magazines are available in a three-pack (SKU number 2254041) for about $10.  WIth this BB pistol being such a great deal, it’s almost inexcusable for you to not have one. 

6mm Budget Bomber: The Walther P99 DAO

If you have snooped around in an airsoft store you know that you can drop two bills or more on some of the hottest licensed airsoft pistols. What if you could pick up an officially licensed replica that features blow-back action and works oh-so-well?  The Walther P99 DAO is the hot ticket for a reliable, accurate, consistent airsoft pistol. The Walther P99 DAO can be picked up for less than $80.  Pair up the P99 with a 12 count box of UX CO2 and a 5,000 count bottle of premium Elite Force BBs and you have a lot of shooting capacity in hand for less than $100. 

Pesting Pellet Pistol 

Let’s say you live in a rat infested city or near a cornfield and you just want to have some good old fashioned pesting fun.  Or maybe you have a stand of tomatoes that is the envy of the neighborhood, except the squirrels are the leading voters in the poll.  What do you do?  

“So anyway, I started blasting.” 

But seriously for about $65 you can pick up our hard hitting Strike Point .22 caliber pump pneumatic pistol and a tin of .22 caliber pellets. The Strike Point is discreet, handy, easy to store and perfect for occasional pesting in closer quarters like those found in urban backyards and alleyways. 

Break It Down With a Break Barrel

We have several break barrel air rifles that could be written about here for their performance and value characteristics. Since I had to pick just one to follow the pattern set above, I picked the brand new Umarex Prymex. It is a traditional break barrel that is available in either .177 or .22 calibers and comes with easy to see iron sights or you can zero the rifle in with the included 4X scope.  In either caliber or either method of targeting- what remains is high performance courtesy of the T.N.T gas piston power mechanism. For light target, plinking, pest control, or hunting, the new Prymex offers a tremendous value for your shooting dollar. 

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