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Umarex Loyalty Points Program Reminder

The new year is here and so are we.  We hope all of you have had a great Holiday season and are prepared to embrace the next 10-12 weeks of bitter cold, snow, ice, and generally yuck weather until April and Spring rescue us.  We thought this would be a great time to remind you of our Loyalty Points program that we launched late last summer. We’ve been seeing some of those points stack up in our customer’s accounts and that is encouraging.  

Unlike some other reward points programs, our reward points do not expire. What this means is that instead of waiting for a sale or discount code to appear, you can cash in saved up points for a big discount on your next purchase. Since some brands and products are price protected, using our Loyalty Points will allow you to save money on these protected items. 


Shop with Umarex– It Pays Off!


For each dollar you spend, you will earn one loyalty point. In turn, each Loyalty Point will be worth $0.07. In other words, our Loyalty Points program allows you to save 7% of your expenditures towards future purchases. With inflation on the rise, this is one easy way to make the most of your discretionary spending dollars. 


How do you get signed up for the Umarex Loyalty Points Program?  Easy.  Just register as a customer on our website (upper right corner on computer screen, upper left three bars on tablet and mobile).  Once you are logged in, you can see details of your account, and 14 days after your purchase, you will see your Loyalty Points applied to your account. Just be sure to log-in to your account before you make your purchase. Checking out as a guest will leave those points on the table.  


We know that everyone is feeling the same budgeting crunch in the light of ever increasing inflation that is touching nearly every product whether it be a commodity or retail item. Our Loyalty Points Program can help you keep a little dough stored away for your favorite hobby and make those purchases just a little bit easier.  After all, we sincerely appreciate your loyalty since it’s what keeps us here day after day. We don’t want to ever lose sight of that. Thank you.



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