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Colt Commander Air Gun Pistol Review Video Transcript

Hey everybody I'm David for Umarex, and I'm out on the range today talking about their new Colt Commander bb gun. This is a faithful reproduction of the actual Colt Commander sized single action platform. Now the real Commanders, they came out around the 1950s. They were a model designed to be shorter than the 5-inch single action. They have a 4.25-inch barrel. They were meant to be a little lighter. What this meant for Colt is that they had to redesign springs inside to make sure the gun would still run reliably, and the Commander platform was insanely popular. Came in .45, .9 millimeter, and the .38 super. This one though shoots bb's. It's all metal so it has the weight feel of an actual Commander, all of the features work. The safety on the back works, the mag drop drops free the magazine, the co2 goes inside as do the bbs, they line up in a single file right there. It's a drop free mag, so it falls out when you press the button. Even the safety here on this side, when you rack it and it's cocked, the safety functions, the thumb safety functions just like it would on a traditional 1911. This has everything you would find on the originals, except it's got a little bit more updated sights on it. The carry sights on this are a little bit more streamlined for concealed carry, and they work incredibly well. So skeletonized hammer, skeletonized trigger, it's a pretty impressive homage to the old Colt guns, and I'm shooting high on that target.

Not a minute of angular accurate, but pretty damn close. What I would encourage you to do is to load the number of rounds in your magazine that you carry in your actual sidearm, that way you get the feel for when it's gonna run dry. If this for you is just a nostalgic piece and you're looking for a gun that really replicates the Colt Commander and it's not anything like what you carry, let it all the way up, shoot those dry.

So the trigger on this one rocks straight back, blowback action, and even locks open when it's done. Colt Commander from Umarex, a faithful reproduction that is a dedicated tool for anybody who carries Commander size 1911. This is a training asset you don't want to live without, check it out.

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