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Legends Ace In The Hole Umarex Air Gun Revolver Pistol Video Transcript

There's a new ace in town. The single action revolver is a design that dates back to the late 1800s. This psychotic revolver has filled western film, folklore, and history with a reputation of being the gun that both lawman and outlaws turn to for quick handling accuracy and dependability. The popularity of the single action design has not waned in over a century since its development. In fact, one can easily argue that it is more popular now than it has ever been. The Legends Ace in the Hole most notably features a short quick handling three and a half inch barrel. Unique to this full functioning six shooter, the front side on top of the barrel is removable and easily replaced. The nostalgic and beautifully weathered finish on the all metal frame is complemented by black grips with an elaborate Spade medallion embossed on either side. Loading the Ace in the Hole with .177 caliber pellets is as easy as getting into a saloon. Simply place the hammer in the half-cocked position, and open the loading gate to slide in the cartridges. No, the spirit of the Old West has not died but it is stronger now than it ever was. Holster the Legends Ace in the Hole at your favorite Umarex retailer.

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