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SHOT Show 2016

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Umarex Unveils New Airgun Technology

We have some exciting new airgun technologies that will make a lot of airgunners happy. Visit our Airgun Technology page to view full information and a video of each new technology.

New Guns of SHOT Show 2016

Many new guns are launched at SHOT Show and Umarex is always among those global manufacturers with something new on display. This year is no exception. In fact, Umarex isn't just introducing a couple of new guns, they are obviously expanding. Two new airgun techology innovations have been engineered for the Umarex line of accurate air rifles and there's at least three new replica air pistols. Below are the all new airguns at the 2016 Umarex SHOT Show booth #15062.

Limited Availability SHOT Show Exclusive Airgun Pistols

Beretta 25 Year Commemorative Operation Desert Storm

Umarex USA is offering a limited edition Operation Desert Storm commemorative Beretta airgun in honor of the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm. The gun has the words "Desert Storm" and a profile of the M1A1 Abrams tank on the slide. Guns will be numbered consecutively from one to 750. The Desert Storm Commemorative Beretta is a full functioning airgun powered by a single 12 gram CO2 capsule. The gun has a blowback slide, meaning it "recoils" with each shot. It shoots .177 caliber steel BBs. Its selector switches between full- or semi-auto. This is the third consecutive year that Umarex USA has offered a limited edition commemorative. At the 2014 SHOT Show®, a Colt 1911 commemorating World War II was offered and in 2015 the Limited Edition U.S. Marshals Colt Peacemaker was offered. The Desert Storm Beretta will serve as a tribute to the warriors who served during Operation Desert Storm of the Gulf War. A portion of proceeds will go to the Boot Campaign to help connect the 99 percent of Americans who have never served in our country's military with the one percent that have served. Read the full press release.

Elite Force Walther PPQ SD Navy Airsoft Pistol

Elite Force, the competitive airsoft sales division of Umarex USA is offering a Limited Edition Walther PPQ at the 2016 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 19 through 22. The 1000 limited edition Walther PPQ SD Navy airsoft pistols will be available to order on a first-come-first-served basis to airsoft dealers who place an order with Umarex USA at the 2016 Shooting Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show®). Orders will be taken at the Umarex booth, number 15062. Dealers are limited to 30 guns. "This year it's the Walther PPQ SD Navy in Tungsten. It's a blowback CO2 gun with a gunmetal gray polymer frame and black backstrap with Walther's Hi-Grip texturing. It has a CNC Tungsten colored slide with trades (Walther trademarks) engraved." Said Cliff Eisenbarger, Sales Manager for Elite Force Airsoft. Read the full press release.

New Production Airgun Pistols

Colt M45 Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP)

Umarex USA announced the introduction of a .177 caliber Colt M45 CQBP, a variation of the 1911 Rail Gun that's enlisted by the U.S. Marine Corps. Like the M45 issued to Marines as well as the commercial version, the Umarex model features the flat, desert-tan-color on a metal slide. The frame is a polycarbonate substrate with black poly grips. You'll also notice the under-barrel Picatinny rail, 3-dot sights of which the rear is adjustable for windage, flat serrated mainspring with lanyard loop, enhanced Commander-style hammer, long, solid trigger, and ambidextrous safety lock. The M45 CQBP (Close Quarter Battle Pistol) by Umarex has a drop-free airgun magazine with a capacity of 19 rounds. Steel BBs are recommended for flawless function. They travel out of the smooth, metal barrel at a speed of 400 feet per second. The left grip plate removes for the loading of a 12 gram CO2 capsule and the mainspring slides out of the bottom of the grip frame to reveal a hex key for piercing the CO2 cartridge. For those familiar with the Colt M1911A1, physical handling of the M45 airgun is very similar. The airgun is manufactured to dimensional spec so that it fits duty holsters. The trigger pull comes in at 4.25 pounds. The overall weight is lighter than the firearm at 1.75 pounds. You can expect to find the Colt M45 CQBP by Umarex for an MSRP of $79.99. Read the full press release.

S&W M&P 40 Blowback

A fully functioning version of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 is the latest action pistol introduced by Umarex USA. This air-powered .177 caliber model is the perfect companion to the firearm. "The new M&P 40 Blowback is right up there among the best action pistols we've made. It feels and looks like a Smith & Wesson M&P. Just rack and release the slide. It even sounds good," said Richard Turner, VP of Sales & Marketing for Umarex USA. He added, "Add the full-size drop-out magazine to that realistic sound and every dealer that stocks an M&P firearm should offer this one from Umarex." The shape, weight and function of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 by Umarex has all the similarity of the live-fire handgun. It's outfitted with a polymer chassis, superior ergonomics and textured grips. The sights are low-profile three-dot-style. The front sight is dovetail mounted and adjustable for windage. An under-barrel Picatinny rail makes it optic-ready. Read the full press release.

Umarex Brodax Airgun Revolver with Rails

The new Umarex Brodax is a modern-day air-powered BB slinger revolver that is stylish and attractive. It may remind you of a gun you might see in a video game or science fiction movie. Vented ports are positioned atop the barrel housing with a Picatinny rail positioned at top-rear making it ready for a dot sight. The Brodax will start shipping as soon as February of this year. Located below the barrel another Picatinny rail is ready for a laser or flashlight. The Brodax has a lightweight polymer frame with internal metal parts including the trigger and hammer. The material make-up combined with its external sleek lines give the Brodax great balance. Loading this handgun is easy—a circular clip slides out from behind the stationary cylinder and holds 10 steel BBs. You can expect the Brodax revolver to shoot in the neighborhood of 375 feet per second and to cost about $45 at retail. Read the full press release.

Walther PPK/S Is Back with An Improved Design

The Walther PPK/S is one of the most popular handguns of modern times. It gains much of its popularity for its recognition in the Bond movies. The PPK/S is air pistol that has been offered for some time, but was discontinued at the end of 2014. This newest model features a puncture screw that is now concealed! Combine that with the realistic function of a blowback slide and the inclusion of an extra magazine and this year's Walther PPK/S from Umarex is a must have. Even if you have the previous model.

New High Tech Air Rifles

Umarex SurgeMax Air Rifle

The Umarex SurgeMax is the first break barrel air rifle to incorporate a fully integrated optic mounting rail. This platform was explicitly developed to make scope mounting easy and to reduce two of the greatest frustrations to scoped air rifle shooting–scope movement and vibration. "When asking service techs that answer calls and emails about air rifles what the number one question is–it's how to mount a scope so it won't move," said Glenn Seiter, Consumer Services Manager at Umarex USA. Richard Turner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing added, "The Nucleus Rail is our answer. It provides the shooter a Picatinny rail as an easy platform for mounting a scope. Plus it gives the air rifle an entirely new look. It makes it modern, and dare I say it, tactical." The new Umarex SurgeMax is the first air rifle to incorporate the Nucleus Integrated Rail Platform. The Nucleus Rail incorporated into the stock of the SurgeMax was engineered to combine the technology of a Picatinny Rail with a sound and vibration absorbing insulating sheath. The external vibration and sound generated by the action created by the SurgeMax is absorbed and distributed throughout the rifle preventing adverse reactions to the scope. The new Umarex SurgeMax is a .177 caliber pellet rifle. In addition to the Nucleus Rail it utilizes an Umarex Turbo Nitrogen Technology (TNT) Piston to provide a smooth and consistent cocking effort. The SurgeMax generates 1200 feet per second with a quality lead-free pellet. The SurgeMax has a modern, all-weather, ambidextrous thumbhole, synthetic stock that's set apart from all other rifles on the shelf by the Picatinny platform incorporated into the Nucleus Rail. It comes equipped with an automatic safety and a 4x32 adjustable objective scope. Fiber optics sights are also installed. The modern SurgeMax air rifle makes scope mounting easy had has an MSRP of just $149.99. Read the full press release.

Umarex Throttle Air Rifle

The Umarex Throttle is the first air rifle to include the vibration reducing StopShox system. StopShox is a patent-pending, innovative device specifically designed to absorb shock, vibration and recoil in air rifles. It works in conjunction with a floating action to create a unique combination that systematically reduces the shock created by a break barrel air rifle's spring or gas piston power system. "We set out to solve one of the most frustrating problems with powerful air rifles today–the amount of vibration and recoil," said Richard Turner Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Umarex USA. "Modern pellet rifles powered by strong springs or gas pistons cause two recoils–one to the front and a second to the back. The Umarex StopShox works in conjunction with a floating stock design to effectively minimize the negative recoil vibrations that cause shooter frustration." The Throttle combines this new recoil absorbing innovation with the Umarex ReAxis gas piston, SilencAir 5-chamber noise suppressor and the Umarex LockDown mount. It is available in either .177 or .22 caliber with all of these smooth operating innovations making it ideal for target shooters and small game hunters alike. It comes equipped with a unique, black, all-weather stock, automatic safety and a 3–9x32 adjustable objective scope. With all of the innovative technology included, the Throttle is a great value at an MSRP of $199.99. Read the full press release.

Umarex NXG APX Air Rifle for Canada

The new Umarex Next Generation APX multi-pump air rifle for Canada is a variant of the APX that shoots under 500 feet per second classifying it as an airgun in Canada. "This rifle is made for recreational shooting. It has a modern style, light weight, and easy operation that's attractive for all ages." stated Umarex USA's National Accounts Manager, Andy Green. "It pumps easy and is economical and fun to shoot. It's quiet too." The Next Generation APX by Umarex is the genesis of modern youth air rifles. It redefines the standard of airguns designed for young and small-framed shooters with a multitude of modern-day features that includes an automatic safety–a first on a rifle of this type and first offered by Umarex. The dual ammunition APX features a progressive stock design that’s ergonomic, modern and impact resistant. Its grip is designed with a narrow curve that’s comfortable in the hands of small-framed shooters creating better control and a safer shooting environment. Its multi-pump action and easy-load pellet ramp is easy to use for right or left-handed shooters and it deploys projectiles up to 490 feet per second. The adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight protected by its sleek muzzle brake allows you to quickly zero in on your intended target when shooting either pellets or steel BBs. Mounting a scope to the APX is easy with its integrated Picatinny-style scope mounting rail system–another first in youth air rifles that provides a positive lock down to keep a scope on zero. All of these features combine to make shooting the Umarex Next Generation APX a target-busting experience for shooters of all ages. Read the full press release.

Walther Parrus Air Rifle

The Walther Parrus is a new German-engineered adult air rifle that is a reliable magnum velocity, spring-operated, break barrel pellet rifle that creates power and results. The Walther Parrus is the next version of the smooth-shooting Terrus model. Its steady, single-stroke cocking mechanism produces a muzzle energy of 22 foot-pounds (30 joules), ideal for small game in the field. The .177 caliber is capable of 1200 feet per second and the .22 caliber 1000 feet per second. The Parrus is ready for action with a micro-adjustable open rear sight and hooded TruGlo® fiber optic front sight. It has a ½-inch UNF threaded muzzle, which is popular among European shooters for silenced recreational shooting. The Walther Parrus has an XT Trigger with adjustable first stage travel, automatic safety, and an 11 mm dovetail rail ready for scope mounting. It also has a rubber recoil pad and is available in either an attractive wood stock with subtle checkering or an ergonomically pleasing black synthetic stock with Walther's Hi-Grip texturing. The Walther Parrus will retail for $299. Read the full press release.

Walther MaximaThor PCP Air Rifle

The new Walther MaximaThor is a powerful pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle that delivers 44 foot-pounds of energy. Superior Germany quality is engineered into the powerful MaximaThor from the ground up. Whether choosing the .22 or .25 caliber option, this air rifle is built for impact. A .22 caliber RWS 11.9 grain pellet produces 44 foot pounds (60 Joules) of energy and a velocity of 1250 feet per second. Consistent energy is delivered shot-after-shot for an impressive 40 rounds under excellent shooting conditions. The MaximaThor is loaded with features. Mechanically it has a Lothar Walther barrel, 200 bar (2900 psi) steel air cylinder, 8-round bolt-action feeding system, adjustable match trigger, automatic safety, 11 mm dovetail rail, and integrated pressure gauge. Each rifle comes with a quick-fill adapter. The barrel is also fitted with a ½-inch UNF threaded tip–a feature highly desired in European markets for the use of silencer. Aesthetically, the Walther MaximaThor is placed in a beautiful Minelli stock with handsome checkering. The stocks contours fit naturally in your hands and against your cheek. A soft rubber recoil pad assures a comfortable fit against the shoulder. The Walther MaximaThor is expected to retail at a starting price point of $799 and is built for the hunt. Read the full press release.

Walther LGU Varmint Air Rifle

The Walther LGU Varmint is one of the smoothest spring piston pellet rifles that's made for hunting. This new under lever air rifle is based off of the competitive Walther LGU that's engineered to include the Vibration Reduction System and Super Silent Technology developed in Germany. The LGU Varmint is offered in .22 caliber for small game hunting and is rated at 950 feet per second. At that velocity it provides plenty of impact and energy. It uses a Lothar Walther barrel, adjustable match trigger, and automatic safety. Built for rugged use, the stock is black synthetic with a thumbhole and Walther's Hi-Grip texturing on the pistol grip and forearm.

Visitors at the Umarex Booth (#15062) During SHOT

Race Car Driver Mark Llano Visit at Umarex SHOT Show Booth

Marine veteran Mark Llano, owner and driver of Serket Racing, will be at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in the Umarex booth (#15062) on Tuesday at 9:30 am. As a member of the Board of Directors of Boot Campaign, Mark will be there representing Boot Campaign, the benefactor of a portion of proceeds from the Limited Edition Desert Storm commemorative offered by Umarex. Mark Llano joined the Marine Corps Reserve in 1988 and served in the Gulf War until May 1992. "It's an honor that Mark would give of his time to help Umarex commemorate the 25th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm." said Richard Turner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Umarex USA. "We admire and appreciate his dedication to service men and women and the Boot Campaign." Umarex USA is offering a limited edition Operation Desert Storm commemorative Beretta airgun in honor of the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm. The gun has the words "Desert Storm" and a profile of the M1A1 Abrams tank on the slide. Guns will be numbered consecutively from 1 to 750. They will be available on a first-come-first-served basis to dealers who place an order at the 2016 SHOT Show®. Mark Llano is the founder of Source One Distributors, Inc., a corporation providing equipment, products, and support services to the defense industry. In 2012, Llano created Serket Racing, a Porsche auto racing team devoted to raising awareness and direct support for veterans and their families.

American Airgunner and Host Rossi Morreale

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is THE place for buyers, dealers and media to see ALL the newest guns and outdoor accessories. American Airgunner and host Rossi Morreale will be right there in the middle of the action. "I can't wait to get there. This will be my third year to attend the show and it never ceases to amaze me." said Rossi Morreale, Host and Producer of American Airgunner. "There are guns and accessories of all types on display from .50 BMGs to .177 BB guns and belt buckles and hunting blinds to one-of-a-kind firearms. SHOT Show for me is a great way to kick off the new year and production on a new season of American Airgunner." Rossi Morreale and the American Airgunner production crew from 5 Star Productions will be on the show floor Tuesday and Wednesday of SHOT Show looking for the newest and neatest guns of 2016. Rossi expects to see the newest innovations from Umarex, Air Venturi, Hawke Optics and all the manufacturers displaying guns, firearms, hunting equipment, and accessories at the annual trade show in Las Vegas. American Airgunner airs on the Pursuit Channel Wednesdays at 4:30 pm Eastern, Fridays at 1:30 am and during primetime Friday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern. This is the only televised show about airguns. Watch it on DirectTV Ch. 604 or DISH Network Ch. 393. Don't get Pursuit Channel? Stream American Airgunner on Roku and Chromecast or check your local listings for additional channel information.

Other New Products from Umarex at SHOT 2016

Umarex Targets

In 2016 Umarex will be offering a selection of targets ideal for "backyard" shooting. Spinners, knock downs, paper, and reset targets make up the offering. Economically priced, these Umarex targets are geared for a quick friendly competition or just to hone in your targeting skills. Umarex targets are made specifically for airguns that shoot .177 or .22 lead pellets.
Umarex Multi-Shot Target Umarex Drop-Shot Target
Umarex Stand-Shot Target Umarex Trap-Shot Target

Umarex Accessories

Hornady BBs in 3000 count Umarex Sling Shot Ammo

Umarex Airsoft

Beretta 92FS Game Ready Kit Walther W9
Walther 45WP Walther Target Kit

Umarex Slingshots

NXG ST11 Umarex X•Shot
Umarex X•Shot LE A first in slingshots, the X•Shot from Umarex is the first to incorporate a built-in laser. It also features an ammo reservoir built into the grip for easy ammo access and storage.

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