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Smith & Wesson TRR8 Revolver S&W Handgun Air Gun Review Video Transcript

Hi I'm Breanna Noble and today I'm going to talk about the Smith & Wesson 327. This is a revolver and it holds six shots. It has a fiber-optic front and back sight, the back sight is adjustable so that's really nice in case it's a little off you can go ahead and fix that. It holds the co2 in the grip, you just slide it off like that, here's where you tighten and loosen it. It's really easy, I love that grip because it's so easy to change that out. Had to do it a lot and the bullets or the bb's go in the bullets right here. You just stick them in the end, it's really cool because it looks like an actual bullet, it's like full size of what it would be. And you just slide the bullet in the cylinder, close it and you're ready to go.

Something cool about this Smith & Wesson is that the centerfire version is from the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, and on their website it actually says that it's used for competitions. If you want to use a revolver in competition, Jerry Miculek does, a few other people do, and they're really good with it. So if you did want to try that out, these are really cool because it gives you the actual size of the bullet, and it slides in the cylinder. The only difference between the Performance Center Center Fire and this bb gun is that the Performance Center holds eight bullets, and this only holds six. But I mean, if you're training you're gonna have to practice mag changes anyway, so this just makes you change mags a little bit faster.

I really enjoy shooting this gun. As you can see it's really hot in Arkansas today, the heat index is 97 right now, and we already have a heat advisory this morning. So something you might think about if you'd come out and shoot in the heat, is to put your co2 cartridges in an ice chest, because they perform better cooler, and make sure you always drink lots of water when you're out on the range. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you'd like to know more please visit

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