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The Best Targets for BB Guns and Pellet Rifles

Many different targets can be for BB guns. Some are simple and common, while others are a lot of fun. I am going to list a few examples of targets that I have seen and some I have used.

For easy and economical targets you can use soda cans, paper plates, and printed paper targets. Soda cans can be used for fun target practice and can be used to double check your sights are lined up. To check your sights more accurately it is best to use a paper target, such as a piece of paper or a plate. I have used these for sighting in guns. They are quick and easy, plus it doesn’t hurt your wallet to buy.

Next, there are reactive targets such as the Umarex Multipurpose Spinning Target, balloons, sporting clays, and eggs. The Umarex Target System is a lot of fun and it is the target I use most. It holds a paper target at the top and has twelve spinning targets under it. The Spinning target is fun and easy to set up. It gives you instant feedback so you know when you hit it. Balloons are a lot of fun too! It is great to hear that satisfying “POP” when they burst! You can fill balloons with air, water, and paint, if you do not mind the mess. BBs will leave small holes in sporting clays and sometimes you can see a puff of orange when you hit them. Busting eggs is a lot of sticky fun too. By placing an egg on a golf tee it will not roll around and you can get a better view of your target.

There are a few different targets that can be used for pellet rifles. Umarex makes the Buck Dropperthe Pellet Trap, and Big Blast Caps. I have the Buck Dropper field target and it comes with four ring sizes to make the shot harder. The Pellet Trap is a steel box that you shoot in to and it has three targets inside. When you shoot the two white targets they flip up and after you shoot the orange target in the middle the other two reset to the original position. My favorite pellet target is the Big Blast Cap. You put a Big Blast Cap on a bottle and fill it one-quarter of the way full with water or flour, you can add food coloring to the water to make the explosion look cooler. Use a hand pump so that you can pressurize the bottle to about 60 PSI. The BOOM that comes from the bottle being shot is louder than you think it would be, but that makes it even better.

All of these targets make for a fun and enjoyable day of shooting. The more you use and handle your air gun the better you are with safe handling, sight acquisition, grip, and overall knowledge of the gun. Air guns are extremely fun to use, and good targets make them even better.

When I introduce people to BB guns and pellet guns I love to see their reaction after they shoot a bottle with a Big Blast Cap. Everyone smile and enjoys the “big blast”. This promotes shooting in a positive light and by doing this I hope to get more people out on the range.

One more thing when you’re considering targets. You should always be aware of your backstop. Having a proper backstop is a must when shooting, because a shooter should always know where their BBs and pellets go. BBs can bounce off things so you need to be sure that you have on eye protection at all times. Remember safety first! I hope to see you on the range.


Breanna Noble is a competitive shooter from Arkansas who began shooting matches in 2013. She enjoys reloading ammunition and shooting matches with her family. Breanna is enrolled in marketing studies and hopes to work in the shooting industry. She is currently recording short videos about the features of airguns and actively shooting Steel Challenge, USPSA and Outlaw 2-Gun matches.

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