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The Best Way to Make Movies with Guns?

As an indie film maker with hardly a budget to speak of, I have found that if you want to record an action scene with guns, an airsoft gun is the best option.

Why Do Airsoft Guns Work Well for Filming?

Obviously, airsoft guns are a much safer than firearms. They fire plastic or mostly plastic BBs and do not use powder as an ignition. Instead, airsoft guns, especially the gas blow back or GBB as its known, have parts on the gun that move in a realistic action or manner.  I have filmed with airsoft more than a few times without the gas blow back, but recently I have found that with GBB it creates less work in post production or editing. Another thing about airsoft guns, like those from Elite Force Airsoft, is they make them that look and feel just like the firearm. Coming from a family that shot guns it is amazing to me how much detail goes into these airsoft guns. Most are even licensed by the firearm manufacturer. Another cool thing about using airsoft guns when using them for filming is that most of them come with tactical rails. This means you can mount accessories like lights and lasers directly on the gun. That will give your airsoft gun the military or war look you might be after for your film project! I have included pictures of some at the bottom. 

Be Safe When Filming

Every time I film with airsoft guns I have a backup checker with me, his or her job is to make sure the airsoft gun is in fact empty, meaning it is void of BBs, CO2 or green gas. As an indie film maker, the last thing I need is an accident that could have been avoided by one more safety check. 

Airsoft Guns are a Money Saver

If you are an indie film maker then you know the struggle with trying to find the “look” for your film. I am constantly trying to find a “cheaper” way to film. As a husband and a father of two kids money gets stretched thin a lot of the time and I have found that in the long run airsoft is a money saver! Being an Arkansas film maker, I try my best to look local or in Arkansas first. I have found an airsoft company here in my state!  They are located in Fort Smith Arkansas and you can check them out here for more information, oh and tell them I said hi!

Recording Video and Filming is a Passion

I love to film, Simple as that! I also love to spend my money on filming wisely. I have been filming for about four years now and in those four years, I have learned a ton. I’ve experienced plenty of mistakes and just didn’t know some things, but that is how you learn, by making mistakes. I have been lucky enough to be selected in two different film festivals. One of those, I was selected for two years in a row. Using friends and cheap DSLR’s I was able to portray my stories and while I did not win those festivals, it was and still is nice that I got selected. I am an Arkansas resident and I love the different “looks” this awesome state has to offer. The south has flat land while the south east has parts of the delta. Central and above has the best scenery if you love mountains like I do. 

Keep Calm Airsoft and Film On

I not going to say that I am completely happy with what I have filmed—if I did I would be telling a lie. As an artist, I always feel that I could have done this or could have done that when the project is finished. While I might feel like this, I will say I am proud of what I have accomplished and done! I have met like-minded people along the way and most importantly I have met great friends and great companies like Umarex and Elite Force. You’ll go far just by asking friends of friends for their help. 

At the time of writing this, I have 1,109 subscribers, 393,899 views and 133 videos on my YouTube channel. You can find my YouTube channel and my social media links on my website

I am Stacy Misenheimer with SWADE Productions and I hope with this post I can help you out in getting the “action scene look”. In my opinion, the best way to record video for use in a film is to use airsoft guns.

Umarex USA and Elite Force Airsoft encourage you to purchase through one of their many airgun and airsoft retailers or to work through film prop agencies.

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