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Why Use The Most-Sold RWS Pellet?

When you spend a few years doing something, you develop a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t, what works best for certain uses, and what doesn’t. One of my previous roles in the Umarex USA family was in our Service Department. Airgun aficionados of all stripes called in to discuss issues they ran across in their experiences. For some, the conversation revealed a recipe of what was working great for them. For others, things weren’t working out ideally and they were looking for some guidance. When it came to ammo, I learned really quickly that whether the conversation was version A or version B, one answer was usually the common denominator.

And then there is economy. When it comes to ammo, many of us find ourselves looking to make some sort of compromise in order to make the best use of our financial resources and our existing equipment. Can I plink with this just as well as I can hunt? Does this pellet carry well at longer distances? To answer this question for many shooters it came down to one pellet, the RWS Superdome. Whether the shooter used .177 or .22 caliber air rifle, the RWS Superdome was the answer I kept hearing from shooters who had found that “one pellet” and the answer I went to, when suggesting ammo to a shooter who was still looking for that “one pellet”. More often than not the report came back that the Superdome not only performed great in their air rifle, but it gave the downrange performance that the shooter needed, as well.

Now it must be said that air rifles are different animals. Much like firearms—maybe more so, in fact, they can be picky about the ammo that is shot through them. Spring or gas piston air rifles tend to go with the Superdome like peanuts and chocolate. But once in while you find that they don’t. My father’s Umarex Torq is one such rifle. He’s had much better results shooting the RWS Hobby pellet through it. If only he had told me this before I bought him several tins of Superdomes!!!

If you haven’t found that “one pellet” yet, give the RWS Superdome a try. Another way to try the Superdome and several other pellets is the RWS .177 Pellet Sampler. This will give you 100 pellets each of MeisterkugelnSuperdomeHobbySuperpoint, and Super-H-Point .177 pellets.


Mark Davis, avid outdoorsman and family man, is the Social Media Specialist at Umarex USA.

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