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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers Easy Gift Guide

Stocking stuffers are usually an afterthought. Just pick up some small stuff and toss in an overly large non-elastic stock. Easy-peasy. No need to overly complicate the matter, but hitting a home-run on the stocking for sport shooters keeps you riding high for the rest of the winter.

Let’s take a quick look at some small items from our airgun website that make a big impression when pulled out of a stocking.

  1. Big Blast Caps 2 Pack:  For just $5.47 you get a whole lot of fun.  This little kit comes with inflation needles, safety bag, tie-off string, and, of course, 2 re-usable Big Blast Caps.  We’ve used individual caps dozens of times before we lost them or shot through them, both of which are operator errors.  Big Blast Caps are great fun with pellet rifles, rimfires, archery equipment, or handguns. Just pressurize a few soda style bottles, set them at a safe distance and shoot!
  2. Umarex CO2: Possibly the most important thing for the stocking is a pack of our most sold item, Umarex CO2 capsules. This 12 pack provides several sessions of shooting enjoyment. Put a box in your loved one’s stocking and an Umarex Action pistol under the tree.
  3. RWS Pellet Sampler: This airgun pellet sampler is hard to beat.  Pellet rifles are notorious for being picky about pellets and buying several tins of pellets can get really expensive.  This sampler pack of .177 caliber RWS Pellets can help you on both the economic and accuracy front. These high-quality pellets are made in Germany to extremely tight tolerances.  Not only are you getting five different style pellets, but you are getting clean, precise pellets that are perfect for deciding what pellets work best with a particular rifle.
  4. Walther Speed Spot LED Flashlight: This bright ruggedized LED flashlight bearing the renowned Walther banner features an adjustable beam, non-slip rubberized coating, and a tail cap switch power button.  This light cranks out 200 lumens and is the perfect companion for those spring campouts that will be coming soon!
  5. RWS Chamber Lube: If you are shooting with air, you need this. Seals on modern CO2 pistols and spring powered rifles are made of silicone material. This silicone based oil is the perfect lubricant to keep those seals healthy to help ensure a long service life. Since you only use a drop or two at a time this one little bottle will last you for years, unless you shoot as much as we do.
  6. Magazines: If one thing is true, whether you shoot firearms or airguns, you can never have too many magazines. Having a spare magazine helps keep the fun going longer and helps make better use of the shooters time. We stock magazines for almost all of our handguns and rifles that accept a magazine. Determine the model you have and locate that spare magazine in our webstore. Whoever it is that you bought the spares for will appreciate this for a long time to come.
  7. Umarex and Hornady BBs: Backyard plinking is never fun without a big stock of airgun ammo. Umarex steel BBs and Hornady BB gun ammo are both perfect companions for BB shooting target guns. They’re smooth, load easily, and fly accurately.
  8. Walther CSL 50: This little light is handy for anyone on the go. It’s a rechargeable mini light that fits right into the “cigarette” lighter of your automobile. Its bright pink color makes it easy to find if you drop it between the seats. Small and convenient. Get one for each of your vehicles.
  9. ARX Muzzleloader Ammo: A perfect gift for the black powder shooter in your family. These Umarex SpeedBelt ARX bullets are revolutionary. They’re lead-free and because of the patented grooves, they perform better on the hunt than an expanding bullet.
  10. Umarex Airgun Cleaning Kit: A shooter can never have enough tools. One for the range bag. One for the vehicle. One for the cleaning bench. This Umarex Airgun Maintenance Kit provides the tools needed to keep screws tight on air rifles, barrels clean, and optics mounted tightly. The perfect size for most stockings too!
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