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Easy Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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Grandpas are notorious for being history buffs. Many baby-boomers are very fond of the guns their dad’s either carried or fought against in Korea or World War II or just love the classic appeal of guns whose aesthetics were just as important as their function. While working as a service tech I was constantly impressed by who bought our Legends replica airguns.  So many times we would hear from the “Grandpa” demographic about certain gun replicas that they loved.  Now don’t get lost in the weeds here. The appeal of these famous guns was far from just one group. Take a gander and see for yourself!

  1. The Colt Peacemaker Replica Airgun: A design that transcends time, unbelievable realism, and an iconic piece of Old West history that appeared in the Westerns of Roy Rodgers, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood. Black hat and white hat alike sported the Colt revolver. Now we make them in BB or pellet form with several finishes to choose from.
  2. The Walther LGU: The Gucci family may have said, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”, but an air rifle like the Walther LGU is a great example of this ideal in the shooting world. This underlever is finely made and shoots just as good as it feels and looks. If you want the best in an air rifle, you need to be looking this way. We stock a full line of premium Walther air rifles on our website!
  3. The Walther PPK/S: Also a big hit from the Walther name is the PPK/S pistol.  Used extensively in World War II and made famous by Ian Fleming’s James Bond, the PPK/S’s art deco design and svelte construction has made it a must have.  This replica comes with 3 magazines and uses easy to find 12 gram CO2 for power. Umarex is the “King of Replicas”.  Check out all of our pistols here.
  4. The full-auto M712: The M712 also has World War II lineage and premier placement in many historical movies. This box magazine fed CO2 pistol features a fully automatic setting that everyone finds irresistible. What pushes the cool factor over the top is the fact that replica stocks can be fitted to this model and it fits in reproduction holsters like a glove. Also be sure to check out the Legends C96, Makarov, and MP40.
  5. The Smith & Wesson 586: Everybody loves a wheel gun, right? The Smith & Wesson 586 is not just your average pellet pistol. This replica is made in Germany and is just as nice as you can imagine. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation but what really sets this gun apart is the fine double action/single action trigger. Also check out our other German made pellet pistols like the Colt 1911 A1, Walther CP88, the Beretta 92FS, and Heckler & Koch P30.


There is nothing like being able to introduce a kid to a responsible shooting lifestyle.  Not only is it a chance to teach the bedrock principles of safety and responsibility, but it is time well spent with that young person. Kids being scaled down versions of adults don’t adapt well to products developed for adults. There is more to consider than to simply cut down the stock. The overall weight needs to be tailored for the smaller shooter as well as the power output. If this task will be coming your way in the near future, consider these Umarex airgun products for your students.

  1. The NXG APX BB Rifle: This pump pneumatic is very versatile and a great choice for smaller shooters. Don’t let this placement discourage you if you are an adult, though.  Many adults find the NXG APX quite the ticket for their recreational and pest elimination needs. This rifle shoots both BBs or pellets and is powered by free and plentiful air which can be had for the low cost of a few pumps to the handle. Did we mention this air gun is ultra quite? It is.
  2. The Browning Buckmark URX: This pellet pistol is easy to operate and a great tool for teaching pistol marksmanship to younger shooters. Once again, don’t let the placement in the “youth category” type cast this for you. Shooters of all ages love to use this plinker in their garage or basement range during the long winter.  You can even buy an Axeon red dot sight to put on it.
  3. The Ruger Explorer: This break barrel pellet rifle launches .177 caliber pellets at 495 fps with a single stroke of the barrel. This rifle features a youth sized stock, scope rail, and fiber optic front and rear sights. Whether you are punching paper or just plinking, the Explorer is a great choice for outdoors fun, no matter the quality of the light. If you can see the target, you can see your sights.
  4. The Umarex Embark: This is the competition rifle of the Student Air Rifle Program.  It size is a perfect fit for younger shooters, but the stock can be adjusted via a spacer so the rifle can grow with the shooter. This rifle shares some features with the Ruger Explorer, but differs in the stock color, target sights, and barrel.  This little rifle is just the ticket to teach pin point marksmanship for your younger shooters. And we donate a portion of each sale to the SAR Program!
  5. The Umarex Morph: The Morph is a neat little gun that “morphs” into three variations, pistol, short barreled carbine, and carbine.  This CO2 powered plinker is highly accommodating of various sizes of shooters, and uses .177 caliber steel BBs for ammo.  If you don’t want to worry with pumping or breaking over a heavy spring, the Umarex Morph is a great choice for an easy shooting back yard BB gun.


If you are a dad, chances are you can’t think of a single thing you want… because you’ve already bought it for yourself!  Shame on us men for doing this, as it makes gift giving for your loved ones extra hard. But there are some sure fire gift ideas that airgun shooting dads will always love.  Check these out.

  1. RWS Chamber Lube: Whether he likes to shoot CO2 powered pistols or spring powered air rifles, RWS Chamber Lube is an excellent choice for keeping an air pistol or rifle in tip-top working order. Conventional lubricants do not mix well with the materials and actions of air guns. RWS Chamber Lube is 100% silicone oil which means that it doesn’t diesel in spring powered air guns and is made of the same material as the seals in both modern air rifles and CO2 powered pistols. Even though the bottle is very little, it will last years and years. 
  2. Ammo: This one is a bit generic, but it does depend on what he likes to shoot. If he shoots CO2 BB replicas, our anodized black Hornady BBs or Umarex zinc plated BBs are the ticket for smooth, consistent BBs. If he’s shooting and training with 6mm airsoft replica’s, the Elite Force Bio BBs are the best choice for seamless, consistent, and true flying airsoft BBs. But if pellets are his gun’s fuel of choice, look at our RWS line of premium pellets. Available in .177, .22, and some .25 caliber variants, the RWS family of pellets are clean, uniform, and very accurate.  These pellets work great in a wide variety of pellet rifle.  Consult one of the great folks in our service department if you need some guidance for finding the right caliber and style for your dad’s air rifle.
  3. RWS Shooter’s Kit: This is a great gift that has it all: pellets, RWS Chamber Lube, targets, cleaning rod and all the accessories… yep, this kit is a winner. It is also available in .177 and .22 calibers and is sure to be greeted with a huge smile from even the hardest to surprise dad.
  4. The Walther PPS M2: Many dads are opting to carry a firearm concealed these days. And many have found the Walther PPS M2 to be the perfect fit for their lifestyle and carry style. Thin, good capacity, and light enough to shoot comfortably, the PPS M2 also features Walther’s extraordinary ergonomics.  And it just so happens that Umarex, the King of Replicas, made a great .177 replica of it.  Dad can train in the back yard if making a trip to the range is too hard or too expensive to make.  This replica should also fit in most any holster that his PPS M2 firearm fits into.
  5. The Umarex Gauntlet: It’s hard to make a list for gifts and not include the Gauntlet. This is rifle is not what people think of when you say air rifle.  No, this rifle uses high pressure air to power each shot. Not only that, but you can shoot about 60 shots all at the same velocity without re-filling the tank!  This 10-shot repeater is without a doubt the most fun, most affordable pre-charged pneumatic on the planet. Pick one up in a bundle that includes the Umarex Hand Pump, a premium manual pump made by Hill Pumps in England and your dad will be ready for the range!
  6. Big Blast Caps: These targets provide immediate positive reinforcement to beginning shooters and are just plain old fun for all. Simply install the cap on a “soda” style bottle, inflate to the proper pressure and place the target a safe distance downrange.  Once hit with a pellet, all around will know it! The bottle makes a big blast which means your whole party will all have a big blast at the range. Step up the fun and put a little water, flour, or chalk dust in the bottle and make some cool aerial displays. Not only are these very affordable, but they are reusable as well. The Big Blast Caps two-pack makes an awesome stocking stuffer!
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