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What Are You Shooting This Christmas?

It’s a pretty solid tradition here in the south that once all the presents have been opened, the mess cleaned up, and dinner did, then it’s time to go outside and do some shooting.  Moping around the house can only go on for so long.  The little kids are left with their loud new toys and the big kids get to go outside for some trigger time. 

At least that’s the way we do it outside of city limits. It’s a great time. The presumption is at least someone got a new gun of some sort and everyone got some ammo. If this isn’t the way y’all do it, I feel sorry for you. 

 But whether or not you have the luxury of a backyard range or a range you can retreat to for the afternoon, we do hope you got a new blaster of some sort.  Hopefully it will be one of our airguns or some of our ammo. 

That being said, the Christmas Holiday is right around the corner and we will all be out of the office for a few days around here.  Specifically Christmas and the following Tuesday– we gonna be out of here.  

It is our sincere desire that all of our customers, fans, and friends have a great Christmas. More than that, enjoy any time you get to spend with your family and friends. Afterall, there is a last time for a lot of important things. Using myself as an example, Christmas 2021 was the last Christmas where both of my kids were really home. For 2022 my son was home but that was just his good fortune in being able to come home for a few days between his Marine Combat Training and his job school. This year, he will be in Japan and his sister is now a newlywed and living in another state. 2021 and 2022, then, are those last times for Christmas as we have known it for the past 18 years. From here on out things are going to be different at my house.

Therefore, whether or not you are able to get out and shoot, the Umarex Family wishes you a warm, happy, and fulfilling Christmas. 

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