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Give the Gift of Life Long Shooting Sports on Giving Tuesday

If you are like me, you’d rather give a gift than to get one. Now if you hit the sweet spot and get me something really cool, well, I like that just as much as anyone. But what I like better is the feeling I gave something that mattered. That kind of giving, the kind that does the most good for a worthy cause is good giving, the best giving. It’s giving that lifts your soul, causes a feeling of gratitude to soak into your bones.

Yes, you are being bombarded right now from every direction with calls to give. The “giving industry” is vast and diverse. There is no shortage of worthy causes to give to. But some great causes have a broader net to cast than others. Yes, this is another call to give, but with a slightly different angle. As you may already be aware, the shooting sports is a niche, even polarizing activity. Particularly youth shooting sports. There are a few programs around the country that allow young people the chance to participate in some form of shooting sports. These programs are extremely valuable in helping reinforce core values and skills in young people. The youth shooting program we’ve allied with is the Student Air Rifle Program.

Your Dollars can Directly Support Youth Shooting Sports

The SAR is a small but growing program that was started a few years back with the simple goal of getting young people educated on gun safety and allowing them to compete in a safe scored target environment. As an individual sport, each student is afforded the opportunity to be as good a shot as he or she desires. More than that though, SAR aims for its program to enhance education performance and promote positive youth development through firearms safety and target shooting education. The SAR Program has been growing each year reaching more students in more schools. This is good news. Really good news.

But like any program, in order to grow and reach more schools and students, money greases the wheels of the cart. With this in mind, we ask that you carefully consider giving a gift to the Student Air Rifle Program. You aren’t going to hear a nationwide campaign for the SAR program on talk radio, or see a moving commercial on your screen. This is likely to be it, the one call you see this year for a contribution. Yes, these gifts are tax-deductible should you need that consideration. What’s more than that, though, is knowing that you are giving to an organization that is directly involved with teaching safe rifle handling, marksmanship, and the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with owning or shooting any type of gun to school-age Americans.

We can’t think of a better cause within the umbrella of the shooting sports / second amendment community to support. Our youth are our future. You can GIVE NOW to the Student Air Rifle Program by clicking on their highlighted name in this sentence.

Get Involved with the Student Air Rifle Program

Giving money is just one way to give to SAR. We, like you want to see more youth involved in the shooting sports, but that takes responsible adult leadership. SAR desires to expand into more states. They are currently looking for coordinators for each state. Contact Us at Umarex Airguns and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with the national coordinator of the Student Air Rifle program.

Mark Davis, outdoorsman, family man, and outdoor writer, is the social media specialist at Umarex USA. </em?

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