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Umarex Airguns High Pressure Air Hand Pump for PCP Air Guns Video Transcript

Today we are looking at the new hand pump from Umarex. This pump is actually from Hill pumps out of Britain. But we can take a look at this because this is something that is becoming more popular in the airgun world. There's lots of different types of pumps out there. Number one, there's this type of top of pump, you know like a bicycle pump that you would get for like thirty bucks. This can't be used. So there's the big tanks, the air tanks, but these things cost, you know, seven, eight hundred, nine, ten, some of the companies can get very pricey. So if there's just getting into pcp's and you want to just you know give it a shot first, there's hand pumps. So this is the new one from Umarex, and I'm gonna kind of put it together forward and show you how it works. First of all, it comes with the hose here with the foster quick disconnect, which is great because it can be popped into any. Ideally your gun like this is the Umarex Gauntlet, it just has it me just popping right there or if you do have a fill probe, the fill probe should just pop right in there. But let's put this thing together. The cool thing about this pump is it comes with a dry pack. So this is the little attachment here it looks um, like this, so basically it comes like this and give you little parts and you take this little guy with the thread sticking up, you slide it down, and there's two o-rings down here, you slide over those, and that is going to just pop right into place. Okay alright so what you do is you've got this little doohickey here, I have no idea what this is called. This is what holds your dry pack. So you get two dry packs with it. So you take this, pop it open, you pour this in, this is essentially an air filter. Then you take this part of it. So now is what's happening is your air filters looks like drying beads. So they should absorb all the moisture out of the air, because the last thing you wanna do is pump air with moisture into this gun, because it can be basically rusted from the inside, you'd never know it, and it's probably done. So that screws on, so there you go. And then you take a little handle here, screw it on and that's how you put it on. Now, in most cases when you see reviews on hand pumps they just tell you how to work it and that's it. But we're gonna show you how to work it and see how many pumps it takes to get to the fill point that you want of your PCP. So I've got the Gauntlet here. Now the Gauntlets are regulated a gun at 1,100 psi, so that means at any time you do not want to go below 1100 psi because, basically the gun doesn't function properly. So I'm gonna pump from 1100 to 3000 psi and see how many pumps it takes to get to that sweet spot of 3,000 psi with this, come on. 1, 2. all right that's a 25. All right it's moving, so that's good. The arrow is moving. So I just want it real quick, just so we know, it's up in the air in through here, so when it comes through it, this is filtering all the moisture and that's just pushing dry air, then going up, which is a good thing. So 25, a long way to go. I'm gonna say 200. 200 pumps will get us 3000. 100 okay. Whoa 100. Not bad then, didn't take too long like a minute a half. So at a hundred we're already at like looks like 20 maybe 22, so maybe it doesn't take 200 pumps. Here's the good news, once you get, depends on the type of gun you use, this is not something you want to do with like a big bore to shot maximum gun. But with a gun like this, it's regulated, you're gonna get 60, 70, 80 shots out of it, so you can at least shoot for the next couple, you know at least an hour. Here we go. Oh gosh. 101. We're getting close, all right close, that's all, 125.

So close let's try 160. 10 more. Whew, yes! 160 pumps right there for 3,000 psi. Now bleed her out, pop that off like that. 3000 psi, 160 pumps, with the new Umarex PCP pump. 180 bucks, you can get it online. Now with this gun I got a good solid 80 shots. That's it. If you want it go online to get it, and if you're thinking that looks too hard, don't be such a baby about it. I just did it, look I'm barely breathing okay.

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