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The Underlever Air Rifle

What is an underlever on an air rifle?

The Umarex Synergis underlever rifle is a repeating underlever and available now on our website.An underlever on an air rifle refers to the cocking mechanism located underneath the barrel. It is a lever that the shooter pulls or swings to compress the spring or gas piston, preparing the gun for the next shot.

Are Underlever air rifles any good?

Yes, underlever air rifles are highly regarded for their accuracy and consistency. The underlever design provides a more balanced and stable shooting platform, resulting in improved shot-to-shot precision. Many shooters appreciate the smooth and direct cocking action of underlever rifles.

The main advantages of underlever rifles:

The discontinued RWS 460 Magnum is an underlever that was popular among high-end springer enthusiasts.

  • They often provide a more balanced feel
  • The barrel is fixed, meaning it stays aligned with the chamber, it does not break over, thus better accuracy
  • They allow for a longer barrel thus potentially better accuracy
  • They are easier to cock, thus most users are able to operate an underlever for longer periods of time
  • A favored choice for precision shooters

Can underlever air rifles be used for hunting?

Yes, underlever air rifles can be used for hunting small game and pests. The choice of caliber and pellet type will play a significant role in determining their effectiveness for hunting purposes. Always check local regulations and ensure you have the appropriate caliber and power level for your intended targets.

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