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Bargain Price, Rich Performance– The New Iconix PCP



The Pre-Charged Pneumatic trend is, at this point, not a trend. It is a fact of life that is here to stay. For the bulk of shooters, getting into a PCP with the required compressor or pump just takes too big of a bite out of their wallet. As time has progressed, what quantified as entry level has changed– mostly as a result of features and utility being refined to give the customer a better product. 



A good example of this is the television that is likely hanging on your wall.  20 years ago, it was still very common to have a Cathode Ray Tube, though the “flat screen” design was coming around.  This was a heavy TV and the average screen was around 32”. These TVs had buttons and a wireless remote control. A decent name brand TV would set you back $300 (2004 dollars)  or more dollars. 


Today’s TV weighs a fraction of what a CRT TV did. Good luck finding the buttons. They are there, but not really set up to be used.  It is made to interface from the remote control. A screen size of 32 inches is tiny today.  For less than $300 (today dollars) you can buy a 50 inch screen TV that has an unimaginably sharp picture, is about 3 inches thick, and weighs about 20 lbs. Oh, and it wirelessly connects to your wifi so you can watch internet streaming services. 



In our line of PCP airguns the same holds true. The Gauntlet, when it was released, was the cat’s pajamas. It was offered at a great price, $299.99 MSRP, and gave the airgunner a bolt action, 10 shot, accurate airgun. It stirred up the PCP industry and created its own competition from other brands trying to get into this segment of market. 


That was 7 years ago, and today we have introduced new models and refined existing models to help fit a growing market of shooters wanting to dip their toes in the PCP waters. Some trends we have noticed along the way is that side-lever actions are not going anywhere. They are wonderful in combination with a PCP air rifle. The same is true with auto-indexing magazines. There is just no compelling reason to offer a single load PCP rifle especially to save some money in design or manufacturing. You guys just aren’t interested in that nonsense. Another thing we have noticed is that more and more often, airgun consumers are picking up .22 caliber rifles over .177 caliber.  


With these things in mind, building a PCP that is going to deliver on power, performance, and ease of use with the lowest possible entry fee for a complete set-up we have created the Iconix .22 caliber side-lever PCP.  Here’s the deets you are looking for:

.22 Caliber 

10 Shot Rotary Magazine (Gauntlet)

3,000 PSI, 6.1 CI Tank

Threaded Muzzle

25 Shots Per Fill

Picatinny Scope Rail

26.4 Ft. Lbs with 11.9g Pellet

14.5 inch Length of Pull


The Iconix is designed to be easy to fill with a high-pressure hand pump. With a smaller tank, this is certainly a benefit to shooters filling with a hand pump.  One bullet point that was omitted in the above chart was the price of the rifle. The MSRP of the Iconix is $189.99.  That’s correct. Less than $200.00 you can get your hands on an extremely versatile and affordable PCP air rifle. Once you factor in a hand pump off of Amazon and a few tins of pellets, you can get started shooting the Iconix for under $300.00. 


Now to answer the question, “Great, but does it shoot?”  I can affirmatively state that this rifle does in fact shoot. While I did shoot the Iconix myself, I also was able to witness about 35 different shooters engage with the rifle during an internal demonstration event. There was no doubt about the smack laid down on the steel target that the Iconix slings lead with authority. Additionally, there was little issue with the shooters being able to hit the tiny spinners on the Multi-Shot target. 

Out of all of the new products we are rolling out this year, this one put the biggest smile on my face.  And that is what airgunning is all about. Shooting airguns is fun.  Shooting PCP airguns is just a ball. But when you get your hands on a rifle that punches above its weight class like the Iconix does, it makes you feel like you got one over on The Man. And we all know The Man has his hand out these days to steal whatever enjoyment, discretionary money, or free time you can save. This repression will not stand in the face of such a cool airgun like the Iconix. 

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