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Top 5 BB Replicas for 2024

What’s been happening for Umarex in 2024?  Quite a lot actually.  We thought we’d take a few moments to show you guys what you’ve been buying, first in the BB replica category. In a later installment we will look at pellet rifles, and then accessories.  You might be missing out on something you didn’t even know we had!  But with this first batch of best sellers, I’m afraid there are no surprises. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.  What do I mean?  See below!


5. GLOCK 19X 


The GLOCK 19X is lovingly called the “peanut butter GLOCK”. The 19X gives a shooter the best of both worlds, a nice short barrel of the Model 19 with the full size grip of the Model 17. This great size and its unique color make the 19X a super popular choice for airgunners and firearm owners looking to match an air pistol to something closer to what they carry.  


4. Beretta M92 A1



The cool factor of the 90 series Beretta is hard to overstate. For starters, it is a classic design. It’s been around for scores of years, not a mere 40ish years like one of its main competitors. Then there’s all the movies this platform has been featured in and there are a bunch of them. But is that why our licensed replica is such a hit? Well, yeah. But also, our .177 caliber BB replica is equipped with a fun switch– that is to say, you can shoot it in either semi-auto or fully automatic modes.  This air pistol replica has fun and has it in spades.  This is why it is one of our best sellers!


3. GLOCK 19 Gen 3


There are probably more GLOCK 19 series firearms that have been sold than any other firearm.  The Model 19 features a shorter barrel coming in a 4 inches in length and a shorter grip frame, which will allow most shooters to get a full grip, but shooters with bigger hands may not have room enough for their pinky finger. It is classified as a compact but to some shooter’s it’s perfect. That being the case, our licensed .177 caliber BB replica GLOCK 19 Gen 3 is the perfect BB replica for thousands and thousands of BB gun fans.  Our G19 Gen 3 is a non-blowback design.  This simplifies the design and makes this version the most economical GLOCK in our catalog. 


2. GLOCK 17 Gen 4


The Model 17 GLOCK frame is big. Not large, but bigger than the Model 19. With about ½ more barrel and just enough grip frame to accommodate those larger paws some of you guys are equipped with. Be that as it may, our GLOCK 17 Gen 4 features full blowback action and a full sized drop-free magazine, and will fit in most holsters. This is one of those products that if we had more of them, we would sell more of them. 


1. GLOCK 17 Gen 3


No need to repeat stats, as the differences between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 are slight, most notably, the grip texture, magazine release button, and backstraps are where they primary differences lie.  Our licensed GLOCK 17 Gen3 is a half-blowback design and uses a full size drop free magazine. Since the slide doesn’t reciprocate all the way back, the Gen 3 version does make a few more FPS than the Gen 4 version. You still get last-round hold open, recoil effect, and a drop-free magazine, but you also get to save some money over the Gen 4 version.  


As you can see, the GLOCK brand dominates our replica top 5 sellers for 2024– that is so far.  You guys might decide to put up another licensed replica. But for now, it is what it is, a list dominated by the coolest, by popular choice, licensed replicas on the Umarex website!



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