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Top 5 Umarex Air Rifles (so far) in 2024

It’s 2024 and you guys have really been picking up our air rifles.  Which ones?  We will get to that in just a minute.  I don’t know if you will be surprised, but I was, just a little bit. Not to spoil the ending, but to quote Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a changin’.”  Trends come and go, but I think something more than just a trend is at play here. Let’s dig in!


5. Fusion 2


Coming in at the No. 5 spot is the CO2 powered Fusion 2 rifle.  Noteworthy about this little CO2 air rifle is its super quiet operation. Not only is it super quiet, it utilizes a 9-shot rotary magazine. This .177 caliber rifle is a wonderful tool to use for recreational shooting, but can also be called into garden defense duty.  I remember several years ago when the Fusion 2 was first introduced into our catalog, I was able to spend a good deal of time shooting it.  Actually, my whole family got some trigger time behind this rifle and it was a big hit all around.  


4. Origin .22 with Pump


The Origin .22 is a great example of a trend (remember what I said about trends) in airgun shooters preferring the larger .22 caliber pellet. The main advantages of .22 caliber pellet rifles are: 1. The pellets are easier to load into a pellet rifle. 2. The typical .22 pellet weighs at least 80% more than a typical .177 caliber pellet. 3. “This one goes to 11.” The Nigel Tuffnel appeal never fails to please.  IT IS ONE MORE BIGGER! 

The Origin is a PCP, Pre-Charged Pneumatic, is lightweight, made to be filled with a hand pump and, most importantly, accurate.  Oh, and it is not lacking for power.  It’s a shooter and all you have to do is add ammo and a scope to the order and you are ready to shoot this hot little PCP!


3. Gauntlet 30 SL 

In the No.3 spot is the .30 caliber Gauntlet 30 SL. In caliber, there’s been a “small” .177, a “medium” .22 caliber, and now a “large” .30 caliber.  A .30 caliber air rifle is capable of making some crazy (by pellet gun standards) power. For scale to the uninitiated, a .177 pellet will weigh around 8.4 grains, and a .22 pellet will come in around 18 grains. A .30 caliber pellet will weigh 45 grains or more! Since PCP air rifles continue to sell better and better with each passing year, more shooters are turning to bigger calibers and shooting longer distances or using the rifle to hunt larger game.  The Gauntlet 30 SL is the second iteration of our .30 caliber Gauntlet. The big improvement for this rifle is the side lever in place of the Gauntlet’s traditional bolt action. This rifle is very easy to live with and has the legs to shoot well beyond 100 yards. The truth is, this rifle would likely be a place or two higher on this list except we’ve been out of stock of it for most of the 5 months that have already passed by this year. 


2. Gauntlet 2 .22 Caliber



The 3rd PCP on this list (so far), the Gauntlet 2 in .22 caliber has been a strong performer ever since it was introduced three years ago. With a huge 24 cubic inch tank, 10-shot magazines, and an improved stock over the original, the G2 allows the shooter to really take advantage of the additional air volume.  How’s that? The Gauntlet 2’s regulator was bumped up to create more velocity and more power for longer range shooting and heavier pellets. There is some bad news… and some good news that go with this model. The Gauntlet 2 bolt action has been discontinued. The good news is that the Gauntlet 2 side-lever is in stock now! This is really a welcome improvement to the platform. A really good air rifle is getting much better and we know our airgunning audience give it a warm reception.


  1. Notos .22 Caliber PCP


Well here it is.  The number one selling rifle for the first 5 months of 2024, the Notos compact .22 caliber Pre-Charged Pneumatic. Like the bumble bee, this little air rifle shouldn’t fly, but does so and does it well. And by fly, I mean perform at a level that plinkers, hunters, and target shooters alike buy every one of these we receive and do so quickly. It’s tiny. It weighs next to nothing. It has a dinky on-board tank. The side-lever is on the “wrong” side. It uses a tiny 7-shot magazine. And it only shoots less-than 800 fps velocities.


So what is so great about the Notos? The compactness, lightweight, and accuracy are phenomenal. It is fun to shoot and very customizable. Not only can you configure the Notos as a pistol or add iron sights, but there’s aftermarket support for this little airgun, too. Then there is this: Umarex was out of stock from October until March– six months exactly.  And it is still the best selling air rifle of the year this June. 


Absent from this list are break barrel or otherwise spring or gas piston powered traditional air rifles. I am afraid the PCP trend is not just a trend but the future of adult air rifles. That is not to say that springers will disappear overnight– they won’t. What it does mean for you and for the air rifle market at large is the consumer will see more and more PCP style air rifles on the market. In fact, we expect to see a new No. 1 in the lead before the year is up.  The Umarex Komplete™ NCR has not been on the market long enough at the time of this writing to be counted in with these other established rifles, but it will be soon.  

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